Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I wanted to post a little bit about what's been going on here with us. The girls had their last day of school on Tuesday. I cannot believe how much they have learned this school year.

We usually encourage them to write their names on pictures that they draw (similar to at school) so that we know who the creator is and it also helps them practice. Allie wrote out our last name the other day without assistance.

Tonight Emily said, "We discovered why Allie's picture wasn't in the picture frame."


I thought it was a fluke that she had used that word and that maybe she was just repeating what Grammy had said so I asked her to define the word discovered for me. And she did!

Anna knows how to spell her name now but has trouble writing an N so she usually writes out A (space)(space) A and then asks someone to fill in two Ns for her.

We signed the girls up for summer gymnastics and ballet classes. Based on how the ballet classes go, we are seriously considering signing them up for those classes in the fall in addition to gymnastics. Now, I don't believe in over-scheduling kids but they will only be in school three mornings a week and everyday they ask, "Where are we going today?"

And a bit late but they will finally be starting swim lessons in a few weeks.

Allie went through a naughty phase last summer that almost drove Grammy to insanity. She would act up with me and Rich as well but mainly with Grammy. We suspected that she was doing what she was doing for attention. That phase eventually ended as most phases do.

And now it's back.

It's so odd though because I almost feel like someone flipped a switch and "I need attention Allie" came back. I tried talking to her about why she isn't listening to Grammy (or me) but then I realized that I was giving her the wrong type of attention by doing so. Tonight after I had tucked the girls into bed, she got out of bed to say that she had to use the bathroom. While she legitimately had to use the bathroom, she could have done so by herself.

I eventually climbed into bed with her and just talked with her about her day. Hopefully, some one on one attention (the right kind) will end this phase.

I'll end this post with a picture I took of Allie Saturday morning (sans Speedlight). I like how the light behind her is glowing in her hair.


That was with ISO 2500. Can you believe it?

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Angela said...

This may be the world's most useless comment, but I have two three year olds who are interested in writing letters and I finally broke the M and N frustration by describing it as an "up down up" motion. For some reason, that totally helped them get it. Has A_ _ A tried it that way?

bearie1 said...

The naughty phase could be due to the end of the school year/change of routine. My son went through that at the end of the school year when he was younger. Like you said, it's just a phase. But frustrating when you are in it.

Melissa said...

The picture is adorable.. it also reminds me of Tangled.. Flower glem and glow.. Let your power shine.. :o)

Camden's Mommy said...

The ISO on the D7000 is incredible! I took some pictures of the Easter play at my church and the ISO was 6400 and it still looked amazing!

Debt-Free said...

My dad made up a little song for me when I was little with the words "centre of attention Allie" repeated a few times... (seems we share the same name). It helped (I think) that they were not just giving me more attention, but teaching me what the feeling was when I just needed someone to notice me, and how to ask for that attention without acting out and seeking negative attention (my weapons of choice were sass and hitting my younger brother!).

Love the picture!