Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quizzing identical triplets

As I've mentioned before, the girls have trouble (here and there) distinguishing one sister from the other. I've noticed that the majority of the incidents occur first thing in the morning so about a month ago, I decided to start quizzing them on who is who and how they know who is who.

So if Anna was the first one awake in the morning and already hanging out in my bed when Allie came wandering in, I would ask Allie, "Who is this? And how do you know this is (fill in the blank)?"

Interestingly enough, their answers always revolved around what someone was wearing. I was expecting responses such as, "Because Anna has bangs," or "Because Anna's hair is shorter," or "Just because I know." Nope. I received responses like, "Because she's wearing those pajamas," or "Because she's wearing a pull-up," or "Because she has that shirt on."

I'll have to wait a few months before testing them again. They quickly caught onto my game and now they mess around with me when I ask them the who is who question.

Funny enough, I ended up sleeping in Allie's bed for part of the night over the weekend. In the morning, Emily came scurrying into the room. She was standing next to the bed, partially blocked from Allie's view by the mesh bed rail. Allie asked me, "Is that Anna or Emily?"

I whispered, "It's Mrs. Grizzle."



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Alicia said...

How do YOU tell them apart? I can't see any differences!! Please explain! :)

OMG...There's Three said...

I have thought about them having trouble telling each other apart. Too funny.

Sarah said...

Alicia - I'll have to do a post on that!

Eileen said...

so...my friend from college has identical twin sisters (friend is oldest, twins are youngest of 8). She still can't tell them apart without asking. When one of them got a scratch on her face from a biking mishap, they were happy to finally NOT have to ask 'who are you.' So funny, but sad ad the same time. The girls sound like an absolute riot!