Tuesday, June 28, 2011



Amazingly enough, the girls managed to sleep in their own beds all night Friday night. Unfortunately, a critter in the wall/chimney/somewhere it shouldn't be behind my head woke me up three times that night. The last time being 5:36 AM. Five minutes later, Em came running into the room.

I was imagining a very LONG day but she quietly returned to her bed with me where we settled down to hopefully sleep for at least another hour. Em fell asleep fairly quickly. Five minutes later, Allie came running in. I do find it a bit funny that they know to search for me in the other bedrooms if they see that I am not in my own bed.

Allie climbed into bed with us and took my pillow. They slept for another two hours! I napped. Pillowless, of course.

I don't know how kids do it but within two minutes of awakening, they were running around full speed with the volume turned UP. Like crazy running around. I think all of my energy was zapped within an hour.

A quiet moment with Allie reading to Em, who is snacking on mini muffins.


We hung out at the house in the morning and then made a trip to the pharmacy. This is how Em was dressed.


I suppose even princesses need rain gear.


Finally! Useful fast food toys.



The rain had stopped sometime that morning so we headed off to a graduation party for Rich's niece in the afternoon. I haven't had time to edit those pictures yet but I will post them soon so you can see the princesses. I had to bring "play clothes" because I knew that they were going to want to run around the yard and kick balls and practice cartwheels and while that's all fine and dandy, Mother Gothel here doesn't particularly like being stuck in the laundry room.

I'm sure this post had a purpose when I started it yesterday but now it has just turned into a summary of our fairly Plain Jane Saturday. Stay tuned because beach pictures will be coming soon.

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Tracy said...

If you figure out how to turn down the volume.... PLLLEEAAASSEEEE let me know!!!! I never realized how much I took quiet for granted.

Anonymous said...

Loooooove her matching polka dot jacket and boots! <3 Stylin'!! :) :)

Portlandlynn said...

Can't turn down the volume. It seems Adding boys turns it up a notch, in fact, though my daughter still provides the shrieking. Had to comment, just because those wendys toys were fabulous. We got them on a trip to the east coast and they have been GREAT! Love them.

~Jess said...

Can I just say how stinkin' cute your girls are! They are absolutely beautiful!

My daughter takes 20 minutes to wake up fully...she just lays in her crib...I'm sure once there are younger siblings instigating that won't be happening :-)

Jayme said...

We got those toys too- and my four have been playing with them for about a week now!

Angela said...

I LOVE Anna's dress!!!! (That is Anna in the last pic, right? I'm pretty good at distinguishing twins/triplets, but I want to be sure.) Where did you get it? Any chance they'll have it in grown-up size? ;-)