Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Big Show (Part I)

Last year, the girls participated in a Mommy & Me (or Grammy & Me) gymnastics class. This was their first year (runs concurrent with the school year) of big girl gymnastics. They were in the "Preschool" class, which is for 3 to 5 year olds. Class has always been fun for them and there has never been any drama.


I'm admitting that I know nothing about year end gymnastics shows, especially those at this gym. Between Friday and Sunday, there were approximately 10 shows and the preschoolers were performing at every show. We had tried to sign up for a different show but it was full so we ended up with Saturday at 3:30, which was perfectly fine timing. The 5:00 show would have been too late.

I haven't been able to attend any of the girls' classes because I work an hour away and I've had to take so much time off for illnesses (mine and others) that I was afraid to use a day just to bring the girls to class, which makes me sad because they would have loved it if I had taken them to class one week.

We had to pay $40 each for their show leotards, which were a tiny bit long but not too bad. I could have sworn that the sheet that came home regarding the show said that they could wear black shorts with their leotards. I think the gym assumes that the parents know the details of the show and most probably do because their kids have been there for more than one year and have already participated in a show. We were clueless.

So I was assuming that the coaches or someone would run through some details with the parents/grammies during the class before the show. The only information given to Grammy was to be there at 3:00.

We arrived before 3:00 and there was a line outside the front door. We were all a bit confused until I noticed other girls in leotards waiting in line with their families. And then a woman who worked there came out and talked to someone a few groups ahead of us. I paid attention to that conversation and heard her say that shortly they would be asking the girls to take the shoes and extra clothing off and come in. Parents were not supposed to be allowed but like hell I was going to shove my four year olds into a gym unsupervised.

I should note that it was maybe 65 degrees out and drizzling. And I'm sick again. Do you remember that cold/sinus infection (the same one that landed Grammy in the hospital with pneumonia) that I had for over a month back in March/April? Well, I have it again. It's been a week so far. I was not happy that girls were standing out in the rain wearing shorts and sandals either. Luckily, they were wearing fuzzies (aka hoodies.)

I woke up Saturday morning with absolutely no voice at all. By the afternoon, I could yell and something would come out. Finally, at 3:10, one of the directors or high ups at the gym came out to let the girls in. Because it was wet out, I told Rich that I wasn't going to take their shoes off until we reached the door. The woman then told me to take their shorts off. Um, I thought they could wear black shorts. "No, that's just for the boys."

Well, I may have cussed when she said that. My main concern was with the leotards being a bit too long. I was really upset though because I felt like I had no idea what was going on. Because of work, I hadn't been at their class and I couldn't ask the questions that only a first time show parent would ask. I was upset at myself for that.

I was annoyed with the woman when she didn't want to let me walk them into the gym. And Rich was getting mad at me, which was making me even angrier. Like I said before, there is no way in hell I am letting someone shove my four year olds into a building without me there to supervise. I told her that I did not feel comfortable with that and I needed to be with them in case one of them needed to go to the bathroom.

Now, I'm screaming all of this so that something audible comes out of my mouth. She agreed (she really had no choice) but then she yelled that I had to come back out. I think she was afraid that I was going to find a good seat and save the entire row for my family. We were actually fairly close to the front in line and there were two empty seats right next to me when Rich and my parents finally entered.

I want to say here that I really like the girls' coaches. As I walked the girls into the gym, one of the coaches told me not to worry, that I could stay with them. I tried to explain the bathroom thing and everyone kept saying, "Oh, we have assistant coaches to help with that." If it was the girls' assistant coach that I know, that would have been fine. But I don't know all of these people well enough for me to feel comfortable with them bringing my kids to the bathroom.

And I didn't want to go into the details but we've been having issues with Emily. She says she has to go to the bathroom when she really doesn't when she's nervous or out of her element. It's a phase that has come and gone over the past six months but we've been having a lot of problems with it this past month. Problems like she will refuse to get off of the toilet. I somehow don't think that the coaches would have been too happy if that had happened.

Once the girls connected with their coaches and I was happily seated just behind them, all was good and I couldn't wait for the show to begin. The girls sat there contently with the other girls (sadly none were from their actual class) and patiently waited for showtime. None of them were nervous. I think I was probably more nervous than they were!


Part II coming soon. Show recap and pictures!

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