Friday, June 24, 2011

Ah, the weekend

It's here. The weekend. That short period of time where I think I can cram in fun, cleaning and a whole bunch of other stuff.

I like to dream big.

So anyway, it looks like we are going to have a semi-decent weekend in terms of the weather. We have a family function on Saturday, assuming that there are no thunderstorms, and then Sunday may possibly be the first beach day of the summer. It's not really going to be a beach day per se but if it is warm enough, we are considering bringing the girls so that they can run around, dig in the sand and search for shells. Typical beach stuff.

I've been saying this for years but the time has come for me to get the house in order. We are in a bit of a unique situation in that we moved into our current home when the girls were 6 months old. Stuff was sort of shoved into closets and piled into the basement. We didn't have a pretty nursery for the girls. Rich hung a handful of photos on the wall and the house has remained mainly undecorated.

I had a good excuse for a few years. I have triplets! Hey, I figure if it can get me out of a ticket for running a red light (it turned red as I was going through it) then it should get me out of having a tidy home. I can't stand living in disarray though. (Stop laughing, Rich.) I would love for everything to be nice and neat and orderly and pretty.

I would also LOVE to go clothes shopping for myself. And I am going to finish that Tangled dress right after I hit Publish Post. Oh, and I would love to give myself a mani/pedi this weekend too.

Let's see if I make any progress in the living/dining room.

So. little. time.




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Alice said...

is that Allie? What a cutie! :)

Lisa said...

ugh. there is never enough time to get everything done on the weekends!

Sarah said...

Alice - It's Em. lol