Monday, May 30, 2011

Gee, I thought Chip was small

Check out Pascal.


He's so small I didn't even see him in the package. And believe me, I looked. Allie and I picked up some items at the Disney store for her friend's birthday. I had planned to surprise the girls with something (preferably small, but not Pascal small) for earning stickers on their charts. I had wanted to buy the plush Pascals but of course Disney is out of them. That's how you create more demand, you know. You limit the supply.

So anyway, Allie insisted on a Tangled set and I looked in the box for Pascal. Nope, didn't see him. He was attached to the arm of the chair with an elastic, which Allie made me remove.


24 hours after we opened the box, he was lost. Miraculously, the girls found him the next day after I had given up.

The girls have a Tangled book that is supposed to be Rapunzel's journal. There's a line in the book about Pascal being so small that he can fit into a tea cup. I changed the line to add "and radiator vents."

Thank you, thank you, thank you all for voting! I am still in 3rd place. Voting ends tonight!


Emily said...

We've been looking for a stuffed Pascal too, and no luck darn Disney!

Melissa said...

Holy moly he is small! I have probably pulled larger bits of food out of me teeth! hehe... Chip and Pascal should become great friends in a special little box.

Anonymous said...

Last vote!!

Also, they shouldn't make things so small, it's just begging to go up a child's nose somewhere >.< Though thank you for the size reference shot with the chapstick. Crazyness! Glad they found him, but still! Noses need to be protected!!

Laurel said...

Holy cow!!! Those toys are TINY!!!

rihamah said...

He's so tiny. My daughter loves Tangled and I was looking for Pascal too But I'd like a bigger one than this one.

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Terra said...

This is so cool! Must have been a pain in the neck looking for those little toys. But, whatever keeps your kids happy, you will surely be happy. :)