Friday, May 6, 2011

The Big Show

The girls do not hide their displeasure over the fact that I work full time. Almost daily, I hear statements such as, "You can't go to work ever again!" Or, "Do you have to work the day after this day?"

The girls' big, year end gymnastics show is rapidly approaching and I am so very excited to see it. Last night as I was tucking Allie into bed she asked, "Do you have work on Show Day?"

"No, sweetie. Mommy doesn't have work on Show Day."

Her eyes became huge with surprise. HUGE.

"YAY! It's going to be an exciting day! I'm doing something awesome in the show."

My baby thought that I was going to miss her gymnastics show because of work.

My heart broke a little during that conversation because I wouldn't miss her gymnastics show for anything in the world but she wasn't so sure of that. Everyday the girls ask if I am going to work and everyday I have to say yes. Even when they beg and plead for me to stay home. Yes, it stinks that I have to miss out on their activities.

I am super excited for this show. It's funny to hear what the girls have to say about practicing for it. When I asked Allie about rehearsals the other day, she said, "Miss S says don't look at the other kids because they could be doing it wrong and then you would be doing it wrong. We have to look at Miss S to do our dance." I know from watching the preschool class practice their show last year that it starts off with a dance routine, which is what Allie must be referring to. She's very serious about it.

Four year olds are so much fun!


Hope's Mama said...

Must break your heart. As if we as mothers don't feel guilty enough about anything and everything. I feel so lucky I am able to stay home, though it is not easy as every single week, we're down to our very last dollar. There really is no easy way.

Kris said...

It is a sign of what you ARE able to give and do with the girls that they want you around, not what you are not. You are both an amazing lady and momma ... just saying ...

The Beers Family said...

i am asked every day if today is a "stay home" day because 5 days a week we are off to daycare and work :(