Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little kid stuff

When the girls were younger, Rich and I would tell each other that life will be easier when the girls are five years old. Did we expect some type of magic to occur with their fifth birthday? No. But we had to give ourselves some point in the future to think of as easier than what we were living.

And now, here we are with four year olds. A year away from what we have deemed the age of magic. And yes, life is easier. It is easier to do more as a family. It is easier to leave the house. It is easier to sleep and eat and carry on a seemingly normal existence. There are still difficulties. Tough moments. Like Friday morning two weeks ago. Friday morning two weeks ago was so hard that I actually wished that I had my own reality television show and that cameras were capturing my morning so that the world could see how hard it was.

What happened? Well, let's put it this way - that night, I asked Allie about the blanket on her bedroom floor. I wanted to know how it got there. Her response was "I put in there when I was having my temper tantrum."

Let's throw the difficult moments aside and talk about the fun of having little kids. They just amaze and surprise me everyday. They make me laugh. I love watching them grow and learn.

They say things like, "Sure, I'll help Daddy get your Cavity Creme Eggs." (Allie.) And then, "Why are they called Cavity Creme Eggs?"

Or "I love Daddy. I love you, Mommy. I love Grammy. I love sissies. I love Baby Maggie." (Em)

They draw the most adorable pictures and learn to write their names.


(That was Emily.)

Emily and Anna drew these pictures for me to take to Grammy when she was in the hospital. (I helped Anna write her name.) Em's picture is of Tangled. They do not call her Rapunzel. It is Tangled. Do you see Tangled's hair? Isn't that the best! Oh, and my most favorite part of the picture is Pascal. If you can't find him, look at the center of the picture. Do you see that little oval? That is Pascal.


Anna's picture is of Grammy, me and Anna. Unfortunately, Anna drew herself with a light color crayon so she's hard to see in the picture. I thought it was so intuitive and precious of her to draw the three of us together.

Allie drew an awesome pictures of bunnies that I need to take a picture of it and post. I happened upon it while cleaning one day before Easter.

They are starting to understand more and more. Much sooner than I expected. For example, I was talking to the girls about visiting Storyland again this summer. Now that they've been to Disney, they know what Cinderella's castle is "supposed" to look like so I have told them that Storyland is Cinderella's summer house. During this particular conversation, Emily said, "Yeah, but that Cinderella looks different."

The girls do not hide the fact that they do not like that I work. They would prefer that I stay at home and constantly ask me why I have to work. I tell them that I need to work to make money. That really is the basic truth. Right? So now they say things like, "Why can't Daddy get the money?"

Last night, the girls were playing with my work badge. Anna misplaced it and when Rich told them that they needed to find it or I wouldn't be able to get into work, Emily said, "She can't get the money!"

Little kids do a lot of cute stuff and I'm so happy that these little kids are mine!



Etosia (e-tasha) said...

that is too funny! and they really are "cavity creme eggs!"
when my 4 yr old niece came to visit us in fl she asked "why all the trees were wrapped in cement?"

Cindy said...

Four is such a wonderful age, you have so much to look forward to.

I love the drawings - I just found my daughters from when she was 4 and they look so similar. Enjoy it and it's brilliant to take pictures of them. I saved the actual papers and had to go through thousands while sorting and discarding for our move. Then again, the memories were wonderful.

Your girls are so creative. I love when you share their thoughts and conversations.