Friday, April 8, 2011

I can't decide on a title.

Here are the choices:
  1. Sometimes I just have to give up.
  2. Lying to your kids (every once in awhile) is okay.
  3. "Do you have triplets?"
Last weekend, I managed to rip apart the girls' birthday skirts, shorten the elastics and sew everything back together. I think I had about 2 feet of matching thread left when all was said and done. I then moved on to the shirts. Ack! What was I thinking?

So the shirts were supposed to be an applique of a cupcake on a t-shirt. The frosting part of the cupcake was to look like Mickey ears. If I had an embroidery sewing machine and knew how to use it, this probably wouldn't have been a major project.

I managed to get this far in the process.


Now, the girls probably could have just worn the shirts like that but I wanted to finish them how they were supposed to be finished. Plus the real design is supposed to have sprinkles on the frosting part with a cherry on top. Grammy has an embroidery sewing machine but this was all new to her. Long story short, the first shirt looked okay but was quite a bit of work for Grammy, who ended up sick this week.

In addition, I should have realized that light yellow on white wasn't the greatest color choice.


Although, it did look better with the stitching around it.

Okay, blah blah blah. I've probably lost quite a few of you by now. I gave up on Monday. I know that birthday party outfits aren't the most important thing in the world. Rich says I take on too much. That I'm too hard on myself. I think that maybe I like to have good stuff going on in my head, like sewing and creating for my girls, instead of bad stuff.

This morning, Allie told me that she wasn't going to wear the skirt because she needed to wear a dress. {Sigh.} So I told her that it was a two piece dress. At lunch today, I picked up bright pink t-shirts at The Children's Place that say Birthday Girl on them. I love buying three of the same thing because 99% of the time I am asked, "Do you have triplets?" Today was no exception. And this was from a guy employee too.

I casually mentioned the shirts tonight to see what the girls' reaction would be. I did tell them that the birthday party place sent the shirts for them to wear so that everyone would know who the birthday girls are.

Yeah, that didn't work.

And then my almost four year old had a brilliant solution. She said, "I want to wear the cupcake shirt with the monkey on it." Em was talking about their birthday shirts from last year. I think I thought of this awhile ago. I can't remember. Either way, it appears that Em may have saved the day.

We'll see what happens tomorrow. I'm sure someone is going to gripe about the capri leggings. Sorry, all the other leggings are in the laundry!

And yes, I know. This is all trivial.

And Allie's coughing up a lung again tonight. Can these kids catch a break? I'm off to bed.


Cindy said...

Sweet dreams! I hope you all have an absolute blast tomorrow. Happy Birthday Girls!!!!!
And Sarah, just remember, as long as the girls have a blast and feel special on their day, then EVERYTHING you did was a success.

Hope's Mama said...

I think I do this with cooking. I can't sew to save myself, but whenever we have a party, I get obsessive over the food and wanting it to be perfect and doing it all myself. My family say the same to me - that I'm too hard on myself and that I should let others help (or just get it catered for or I guess in your case, buy outfits!)
I think you've done a great job. Better than I could have managed!
I hope you all have a fantastic day. Happy birthday, girls.

Tracy said...

Oh My, I am soooooo impressed that you take on sewing. We are alike in many ways, but those similarities end at the sewing machine. I know the party will be fantastic and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to those gorgeous girls!!!!

Colleen said...

I vote for 1. Sometimes I just have to give up. Because regardless of their shirts, I bet they are going to have a fabulous time at their birthday party!

bearie1 said...

I know it's too late now, but if you want to do this project for another time have Grammy google "mouse ears machine embroidery applique". There are quite a few designs out there that could be used for this project. Not too expensive either. Elaine

Cassie said...

Im the same way with Birthdays! And I obsess over what they are going to wear for months...lmbo! Last Yr I had their shirts made on Etsy, and they were really cute, of course... I am hoping to make them myself this yr...Ok, so I just plan to sew a number 4 on the back of a t-shirt from Chuck E Cheese, but I may go all out and sew thier names on the back too.. Oh, and no one ever asks if I have triplets when buying 3 of stuff...

Meg said...

Oh goodness! I do the same thing for birthday outfits... I go nuts trying to put the "perfect" outfit together. :) I can imagine how cute the shirts would look with the sprinkles, etc. I love the Mickey Ears, so creative!! I'm excited to read the post about their birthday. :)