Thursday, April 14, 2011

The cutest kids ever

I know. All parents believe that their kids are the cutest kids ever because they say the funniest things and they do the funniest things. Well, mine are!

We are finally experiencing some early spring weather. I consider it early because we really haven't had any of those super warm sunny days where it creeps into the 70's and feels like summer. One day last week, it was nice out and I arrived home a little bit earlier than normal. Grammy had just brought the girls outside to wait for my arrival.

Okay, bit of a sidetrack here but I don't understand how photographers can offer mini sessions that involve kids. If this had been a mini session, it would have been the end of my career. Sometimes kids (especially mine) do not want to cooperate.

So here are my awesome photos.

Em in some serious sun haze because she wouldn't sit where I needed her to sit.





Allie doing a cartwheel.



Anna makes a face similar to the duck face when she gets in a mood. By the way, I am so cool that I have no idea what the whole duck face thing is about but we call Anna "Ducky" when she does this face. As I was trying to take portraits of Allie, she started up with the duck face.


I came to realize that she was simply doing this in an attempt to not laugh. "Don't laugh, Allie. Don't do it."


So I was calling her Ducky. I then turned the camera on Anna and asked her what she was. She looked at me and said, "Ah...... I'm a person." (Of course, none of my photos of Anna were in focus in case you were wondering why she is not really present in this post.)

A short time later, we were wrapping up downstairs actitivities in order to get the girls upstairs for their bedtime routine. Em had some type of scratch on her finger so we were doing the whole clean it up and put a bandaid on it thing. Rich wasn't home yet so Grammy was cathing Anna in the other room. I kept hearing Grammy tell Anna to stop what she was doing. I finally yelled into Grammy to find out what exactly Anna was doing. "She keeps trying to kick my shoulder while I'm cathing her."

Em finished washing her hands and took off for the family room. The bandaids were in the kitchen so I asked her where she was going. "I want to see Anna trying to eat the stroller."

Em was up a bit early on Saturday morning so I climbed into her bed for some cuddle time. She was snuggling against me with her legs sticking out sideways from under the covers.

Me: "Silly, get your legs over here so you don't get cold."

Em: "My feet can't see where they're going. They don't have eyes."

Em called me into her room for the second or third time the other night.

Me: "Yes, Em. What is it?"

Em: "I need to tell you about my dream."

Me: "Okay, sweetie. Quickly. What was your dream?"

Em: "When you were at the Cape, I had a dream that a bird bit my leg. It bit my leg off and then I didn't have no leg."

Now, this sounds like a horrible dream but she says it with a smile on her face. She told the story to me and Rich again last night and she was smiling and so not traumatized by it. I had trouble keeping the laughter in.

Okay, I'll end here. There's more but I'm tired.


Anonymous said...

This truly gave me the giggles! :D :D

Alice said...

OMG. Sooooo cute! I had such a good laugh! I love that ducky face--it belongs on America's Next Top Model!

Danae said...

Those are funny! Hope you all are feeling better.

loveid said...

How are you feeling? The girls look like they're completely recovered? Being sick sucks! We've had someone sick or teething for about 1.5 months now. No fun. By the way, the pictures are adorable. And yes, I would hire you for photoshoots of my kid if you're ever in the area. Want to fly out to California?

Cindy said...

This post is a bit of sunshine to my morning. So to tell you what a bad photographer I am, these pictures look good to me. I like the first one of Emily - looks like a golden angel. Ducky face = hysterical. Picture by the fence of Anna and Emily (I think) is precious/nice fence. And Emily's thoughts are so cute. I love kids and yes, yours rank up there in the cutest ever.

Becky said...

Although I've never met you or your girls but from looking at your pictures and reading your posts I am thinking they are the cutest girls ever. They are just so adorable!

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone. Glad you like the pictures. I had given up on getting what I wanted -lol

If I could get rid of this cough, I would feel soooo much better. The girls are doing much better after 2+ days of antibiotics.

Tracy said...

Oh how funny and i LOVE the lens flare!! Thought it was hilarious though that our Kaylee makes that same face when she gets mad. She sticks those lips out. Adorable!

JoAnna said...

SWEET faces, I giggled too!

Jess said...

This is a little late, but all I think when I see that picture is Blue Steel!