Monday, April 11, 2011

Birthday party recap

The girls' birthday party was a huge success! I was so very happy watching them run around with their little friends. As a parent, there is nothing better than seeing your kids so full of joy. Now, if they hadn't been a bit sick, it would have been absolutely perfect.

The Birthday Girls

The girls were so excited for their party and they dressed in their little outfits without any issues or complaints. It's been so long since they've worn capris, I was afraid someone would flip out over the fact that the leggings didn't go all the way to their ankles. When I caught Allie trying to pull hers down, I told her that they were princess leggings and supposed to be shorter like that to wear under dresses and skirts.

Here are some more pictures from the house. I told the girls to hug each other.


Anna wasn't really into it. She started off the day okay but then quickly went downhill. She was an absolute zombie come bedtime.


The Cake


We had a friend of Rich's sister bake the cake again this year. We asked for a princess cake and we got a princess cake. And was delish too! (I'm going to enjoy another piece after I publish this. Buttercream frosting. YUM.)


I love this picture. The girls kept staring at the cake and I know that they wanted to do something with it. They kept asking if they could touch the paper because they knew that the paper was the only thing that they could touch. That became boring after a few minutes.


The Guests

At least three girls from each of the girls' classrooms attended along with the girls' cousin, Maggie. And as a wonderful surprise, good friends of ours showed up with all four of their kids!

The Place

A bounce place. You know. Take your shoes off and bounce!

The Fun

The girls were so much more independent this year than last. What a huge difference. Everyone had a blast! I would love to post a ton of pictures but unfortunately photographing my kids' party was not exactly the easiest thing to do. I ended up putting the camera down and socializing.

I'll leave you with a picture from the singing of Happy Birthday. Em would only sit there if she could eat her ice cream at the same time. She wasn't doing too great that morning and hardly ate anything. I can imagine how hungry she was at that point.


That picture was made possible by my Speedlight. I was setting up to take pictures and someone turned the lights off! Ack! Speedlight! (And a slow shutter speed.)


Hope's Mama said...

Happy birthday gorgeous girls.

Jessica said...

I love the picture with them wanting to get to the adorable!

amanda said...

The last picture, they look sooo mischievous :D

Melissa said...

I bet they were in awe as soon as that cake arrived!

Meg said...

Oh these are adorable pictures! I love the one of them looking at the cake, which by the way looks amazing. And yum, I loooooooove buttercream. Congrats, Mama! You did a great job! :)

Mommy, Esq. said...

Wonderful photos and post. Happy 4th Birthday, Girls! My triplet sisters and I celebrated our 34th together on April 6th and we never tire of calling each other, saying "Happy Birthday!" "You, too!"

Ann said...

Happy Birthday to Em,Allie & Anna :)
and congratulation to Mommy too for the big day and all great preparation:)

Tracy said...

Congrats Mom on pulling it off!!! You did a great job and I know it's a ton of work!!! So glad they had fun and they are just too cute!! Oh, great job on the low light capture as well!!

Wendy said...

Happy birthday, Emily!
Happy birthday, Allie!
Happy birthday, Anna!

Cindy said...

What a great party. I wish they all felt better but it looks like fun was had in heaps. Happy Birthday Girls!

That cake is amazing and your outfits are perfection. The shirts REALLY worked with the skirts. Great job.

Jayme said...

Happy Birthday, girls! The three gazing wistfully at the cake- priceless.

Sharon said...

Love the cake!!!!!