Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Am I the only one

who brings her camera to the dentist? I kicked myself for not bringing it to the girls' first appointment last year so I had to bring it to this appointment. I apologized to all the hygienists for being the crazy mom with the camera. They were cool with it.

First up is Anna. I love the expression on her face!





These kitty glasses on Allie crack me up.


So this was the girls' second appointment, which was rescheduled from December. Apparently, those Saturday appointments fill up fast. At their first appointment, the hygienists didn't really clean their teeth. I have read some horror stories of first dentist appointments where the kids are basically held down to have their teeth cleaned. Not here. They like to take it slow so the kids don't flip out.

This time, the girls did have their teeth cleaned for real. (Or should I say 'for reals.') Rich and I were so impressed by how well the girls did. No crying. No fussing. No flipping out. Anna was a little scared to have the chair back too far but that was it.

No big surprises in terms of their teeth. The hygienists pointed out areas where tartar had built up and we were told to start saving now because they all have teeth very close together, which we knew. In addition to my awesome singing abilities, the girls have also inherited some aspects of my teeth. I had to have adult teeth pulled because my teeth were too crowded.

Allie and Anna played dentist a lot this weekend. I think all of the family dollhouse folks have had thorough exams and cleanings at this point. I was laughing hysterically about this little misunderstanding. For both toothpaste and fluoride, the girls were asked what flavor they wanted? Bubble gum, banana, strawberry, etc. While the girls were playing dentist, they kept saying, "Okay, let me get the food in your mouth. What do you want? Banana? Strawberry?"


James said...

Heck no. The dentist office is a perfectly normal place for a camera. Our dentist even posed with the kids.

kdliberty said...

No. Helen posted their trip (with pictures) to the dentist today too!! I could not believe it when I saw your post.

Megan said...

You are definitely not alone! I posted our my triplets' trip to the dentist just last week!

JEN said...

The pictures are so enjoyable. :) Glad the kiddos were cooperative. We're dreading our first visit.

Helen said...

Oh man, I have to laugh that we posted dentist pictures on the same day!

maren said...

Looking forward to following your blog and triplet journeys. I'm coming over from UBP!

Kelly & Joe said...

You're so not alone!! Here was our 1st trip!

Pyjammy Pam said...

Of course I brought the camera to their first dentist visit! And I'll do it for the other ones, too. :)