Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Evening

I finished one skirt.


For those of you who were wondering, I did not use a pattern but I did copy what someone has had created.

Here's Anna wearing it over her jammies. Today was a jammies day. For me too. I did take a shower around 3:00 though.


The girls were still sick today. Allie now has her cough again and it's pretty bad. I think her throat hurts from coughing so much and she's exhausted. Anna has a lot of green boogers and Em only has half of her voice. The girls were running around a lot today and started practicing gymnastics right before dinner. This, of course, made Allie's cough worse.

We resorted to Disney clips on YouTube via Rich's netbook to entertain them for that short space of time before baths. Tonight was an early bath night too.






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Julia said...

The skirt is cute, you sure have energy to be doing that! And their faces are above precious. I wonder what they were watching!

bearie1 said...

The skirt is darling. Good job! The pictures of the girls are darling also. They look like they are having such a good time. Elaine

Jen said...

Great job on the skirt! I love their little faces watching the videos!!

Stef said...

The skirt is adorable! Awesome job.

Swathi Vasanth said...

Just happened to see your blog.. You have lovely angels!!!

lisa said...

Boy you can tell the girls aren't feeling well in the pictures. The one in the middle of the computer pictures looks miserable. Perhaps if you put them on some allergy medicine and vitamins they would be healthier.

Jayme said...

Poor girls- we can't seem to kick whatever we've been passing around lately- it's been over a month of sick here.

I LOVE the skirt- it came out adorable!

And the girls are as cute as always :)

Hope's Mama said...

So very clever! I was not blessed with the sewing gene!

Tracey's Life said...

I love the skirt. What talent! The girls expressions are adorable in these pictures.

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

The skirt is fit for a princess for sure!

And green boogers...I appreciate your mama honesty. I need to be reminded daily that this baby is not going to come out rainbows and glitter in June :)

Pyjammy Pam said...

Can you make me a skirt like that? For me? :D So cute!

Cindy said...

I am impressed with the skirt - very sweet. I wish I had the sewing talent.

I have to add, that Anna laughing at whatever video she was watching made me laugh out loud - her laughter is apparently contagious even through pictures. Your girls are so precious.

krousehouse said...

Your girls are so cute!

Wendy said...

Cute skirt, and I love how happy they are watching their Disney vids :)