Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stylin' (or not) Saturdays

Okay, so it's only week two and I am already flaking out on you all. Sort of.

Let me explain the day's events.

About six months ago, Rich's niece, Jen, babysat the girls one Saturday evening so that Rich and I could attend a 50th birthday party for one of Rich's friends. (As you can see, we really live it up around here.) The girls really like Jen and we totally trust her but, unfortunately, Jen doesn't live all that close by so she doesn't often babysit for us.

This past Saturday night was "game night" at my sister-in-law's house and Jen agreed to babysit for us so that Rich and I could attend. (The sister-in-law is also Jen's mom.) I stayed in my pajamas until 5:00 that evening as I spent the better part of the afternoon assisting one of my brothers with his tax returns. Along with acting out the Beauty and the Beast movie, breaking up fights and snuggling.

After I showered and dressed, Rich showered. Right after he finished getting ready, we had just enough time to bathe the girls and get them ready for Jen's arrival. I attempted to take pictures of myself (with Anna) by setting the camera's timer and it didn't quite work out. I didn't have time for the whole tripod/remote set-up. And so I ended up with out of focus pictures or pictures with my eyes shut. I am posting neither.

But I do have pictures of the cuties. And that's who you really want to see.

February 26, 2011

The girls selected each and every article of clothing. Dresses are located on the lower bar in their closet, which makes it easy for them to grab. Skirts are on the upper bar and cannot be reached by little munchkins. I am kind of getting tired of seeing them wear the same five dresses over and over and over so I suggested that they pick out a skirt instead of a dress and we went from there.


She was trying to squeeze her eyes shut.


Long-sleeve outer shirt: TCP
Short-sleeve t-shirt under outer shirt: Hand-me-down
Skirt: TCP
Leggings: Target
Hair: Nothing



Shirt: Gift
Skirt: TCP
Leggings: Gymboree
Hair: She's got a barrette back there somewhere.



Shirt: PJ top, Carters
Nightgown: Disney
Skirt: TCP
Leggings: Target
Hair: Blue bows, gift

All of these posts about clothes is a bit depressing. Do you know how tired I am? I can't remember what I wore to work last week. I was too tired (or lazy) to iron last night and so this morning I was searching for an iron-free outfit. I pulled out an outfit that I wear quite frequently. As Rich and I walked to the train, I said, "I think I might have worn this on Friday. I can't remember."

Rich responded with, "As long as you didn't wear it yesterday, you're all set."


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Meg said...

I love Rich's comment about at least you didn't wear it yesterday! :)

That's nice that you get to walk to the train together ~ is that every day? It must be fun to have that alone time together in the mornings before work. :)

Anna and Jay said...

Hilarious! I love their outfits. It makes me smile.

Cindy said...

Rich is right. And as for remembering what you wear, I have the same problem. I have a closet overstuffed with clothes and I wear the same outfits every week. Why?

I love the girls' sense of style - very creative :)

Rich said...

I often laugh to myself when looking at other commuters. It is so very often evident to me which commuters have young children and those who do not. Especially the women. Wouldn't we all love to be "dressed to the nines" everyday!?


Michelle said...

My husband's stock answer is "Eh, you're pregnant"... Which was more offensive when maternity clothes still fit.

Sarah said...

Meg - we do commute together but Rich is usually doing school work on the train so it is nice to have some alone time but it isn't really relaxed alone time.

Michelle - LOL