Friday, March 25, 2011

Sleeping Beauty - Allie's version

The other day, Grammy constructed these little books for the girls to write (well, draw really) stories in. I'll post pictures of Allie's first along with her narrative. Note that that zigzag lines are the writing part of the book.

The narrative will be under the pictures. And I know it is soooo 1990 that I took pictures instead of scanning but I don't even know if our scanner still works.

Princess Aurora


One day, there lived Aurora and she said, "Oh my, I can't wait to live with the prince."


Then came the Chicken Lady and she said, "Can I feed your chickens?" and she said, "Yes."


And then the prince and Aurora got married.

And then Minnie said, "Oh my, I would love to marry Mickey."


And then the three fairies said, "Where is Aurora?"


And then the prince came and said, "Where is Aurora? I'm so mad!"


And then Aurora said, "Oh my, I didn't marry the prince."


And then she played outside.


Tracey's Life said...

That is simply adorable. You have to save these type of things to enjoy years from now a second time around!

Alice said...

Nice details!!! I laughed so hard at the last line

Cindy said...

Oh my word - I love the story and the illustrations. Best ending ever!

Wendy said...

This is easily the cutest thing since the Anna crying/christmas hats and hugs picture.

Joƫlle said...

You should write it under the pictures.

Julia said...

So lovely! It is wonderful to see their minds in these things! I have a notebook from second or third grade and it is so much fun to read the stories.

Jen said...

Haha, what a great story!

Angela said...

I literally laughed through her entire book! Loved it! I think my fav is the chicken lady! Even my husband had a chuckle, since he insisted on reading it since I was giggling! :-)