Friday, March 18, 2011

Fabric, birthday outfits and sleeping

As I've mentioned before, Rich and I (for the most part) commute together. Rich attended a training seminar on Thursday held at a location outside of the city, which meant that he needed to drop me off at the train station in the morning and someone needed to pick me up at the train station that night. Or I could have walked home. It was certainly warm enough.

I have been trying to come up with something cute for the girls to wear to their kid birthday party. In the whole scheme of life, is it really important? No. Has it been stressing me out? No. I'm not big into party planning. Whether it be lack of time, talent or interest, I haven't really done much for the girls' first three birthday parties. Even this year, their party is at a bounce place. I used the generic, fill in the lines invitations that the bounce place gives you to use. Although their cake should be awesome. (You better believe I'm leaving that to the experts.)

The other day, a member of a Disney sewing board that I love posted an outfit that she had made for her daughter's birthday and {GAH!} it was PERFECT. You know what that meant. Yes, I needed to go back to Joann for supplies. (Note to self: Check to see if Joann is a public company or owned by a public company. If so, buy stock.)

So we devised a plan for Grammy to pick me up at the train station (Rich was already at home with the girls) and head straight to Joann. Sans preschoolers. And no time limit. Well, I needed to bring dinner home and I was tired so I wanted to be back by 8:30 at the latest. Rich did the whole bedtime routine with the girls and they were sound asleep by the time I arrived home. I hated not seeing them but sometimes that is the only way to get stuff done.

Oh Ye of Little Faith (aka Rich) kind of sort of rolled his eyes at me when I told him my plan for the outfits. The shirts are a stretch but we shall see. If I go missing, you can find me sitting in front of my sewing machine.

Some of my goodies -


(Interesting that some of these colors did not photograph accurately at all. The rickrack is bright pink, not red. Our red couch was behind me and I bounced my flash up and behind me so I think it picked up the red from the couch. The best part of not being a professional photographer is that I can note my error and move one without having to correct it because this is just my blog. (Smile.))

I also found this awesome Minnie fabric.


Allie is so cute. In this next one, she told me that she was pretending to wear it.


(Sorry for the hand chop. I was using my 85mm lens and I ran out of room to back up!)

The girls were exhausted tonight. They have been waking up early all week (before 7:00) and now they all have either a cold or spring allergies. I have a thin pink fleece that I wear around the house almost every night. It was warm today so tonight during baths and story time, I was wearing pajama pants and a tank top.

There had been some tears earlier over some stupid stuff. As I was getting ready to tuck them all in, Em burst into hysterical tears all because I wasn't wearing my pink fah-leece. That's how she pronounces it "fah-leece." I was getting chilly so I pulled it on. She told me that it makes me snuggly.

Sleep, children. Sleep!

Sew, Mommy. Sew!

Well, right now it is - Sleep, Mommy. Sleep!

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Momma Chantal said...

I'm a huge sewer!! I make a lot of my kiddie clothes, and repurpose a lot of cast offs into clothes for them when the hand me downs run out. What pattern are you using? I can't wait to see the final product!!

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see what you make!!! I'm trying the sewing thing....which Disney board were you talking about? I would love to go check it out :)

Alice said...

Hey, I have a photography question. I want to utilize natural light without flash, but everytime I do that, I get greeted with a ton of blurry pictures. Any idea how to fix that?

Sarah said...

Momma Chantal - I didn't use a pattern but I copied someone's idea. It's really a basic skirt pattern - I can see you can make so many different versions of it.

Jennifer - on my side board, there's a link to Disboards. From there, go to the Disney Family Board - there is a big thread for sewing stuff. Every 250 pages, they start a new thread. So many great ideas!

Alice - It sounds like your shutter speed isn't fast enough. Are you shooting in manual? Do you meter in your camera? There are 2 things you can adjust to increase your SS - f stop and ISO. If you are shooting inside, you probably don't need an f stop of 9 - make sure you keep that to a lower number. And then start bumping up your ISO.

Jennifer said...