Sunday, January 23, 2011

Weekend sleep/prize update

So this was our second weekend with the girls sleeping exclusively in their own beds. I was a bit nervous last weekend with how to handle early weekend wake ups. In the past, we would allow munchkins who had slept in their beds to jump into ours (most of the time, someone was already in there with us) if they were up early. Early being before 7:00. Usually, they would fall back asleep with us. I was fearful that if we did this now, they would think that they could sleep with us at any time. Like before.

Allie was the first one to stroll into our room around 6:15 last Saturday morning. I did toss her into our bed but I made it clear that this was "Early Morning Cuddle Time." Repeat with Em and Anna. Thankfully, it has not had a negative impact on them falling asleep by themselves and staying their beds.

This week's prize was M&Ms. And lipstick (aka Blistex.) Rich needed to return a pair of pants to a store at the mall and I wanted to hit up Jo-Ann for some fabric and other sewing stuff so we all went together. I told Rich to go return the pants and I would head off to CVS (also located in the mall) with the girls.

It's funny because I expect a scene whenever we appear in public like this. Here we are walking with Anna holding my left hand, Em holding my right hand and Allie holding Em's hand. I expect people to stare. And they still do. I expect the comments such as, "Wow, your hands are full," or, "Twins? Triplets?" or, "They are SOOOO CUTE." It doesn't really bother me. If I think about it though, I just find it so odd.

So anyway, the girls were incredibly well behaved. They held hands. They didn't take off running (I've actually never had any of them take off running. Ever.) There were no tantrums. Nothing. Just cute three year olds who wanted M&Ms. And lipstick.

I learned that navigating Jo-Ann with Rich and the girls is extremely difficult. We are such a slow moving group that it just takes too long to get from Point A to Point B. After the girls picked out some fabric, they flipped through pattern books while I tried to look at some other things. Rich was extremely patient but I could tell that inside he was screaming, "GET ME OUT OF HERE."

Between requests for drinks and snacks, adjusting the DVD player, laundry, cleaning up, emptying the dishwasher, loading the dishwasher, cuddles, handing out art supplies and breaking up fights, I managed to almost finish sewing one of the curtains for the playroom. The girls wanted to help so they took turns sitting in my lap while I sewed or I made up projects for them such as throwing thread scraps away or moving the pin cushion.

I decided that because they like to cook and bake, I would make them little aprons. They each picked out fabric (Ariel and Tinkerbell) and keep asking me when all of their princess dresses will be finished. I laugh and laugh. Step 1 will be little aprons. I need to get back into sewing again and used to this machine before I attempt a princess dress. I'm so domestic!

I have to throw in this absolutely adorable moment from this morning. Emily came into our room shortly after 6:00. I pulled her into the bed and we all fell back asleep. A bit before 7:00, Anna was awake and crying in the hall. Rich lifted her up into the bed. Anna wanted me to hold her hand so I was trying to reach over Emmy to do so. We asked Anna if she had had a bad dream because she was obviously upset. Em leaned over and kissed Anna and then held her hand. They were like that for awhile. Just holding hands with Em occasionally kissing her. They are so lucky to have each other.

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Sarah said...

It's absolute torture when you don't post pictures.

I just thought you should know. :)

hehe. xoxo

Kim said...

I am SO happy you are sleeping Sarah. As someone who loves her sleep, it's painful when I read about someone who isn't.

My 3 yr old climbs into bed with us (with his dad really) but not every night and it's more daddy's sleep that is disturbed.

I hope your luck/effort/reward system - sleeping in their beds for the whole night - continues.

Allan F. said...

We just went out with our boys in the triplet stroller to Babies r us and got some comments and stares. I saw one guy do a double take from a few aisles away. We had to try it out once and I am glad we did. Reading about your experiences definitely helps all the noobie triplet parents out there. Thanks.

Stacy said...

I don't know how to sew, but I finally decided to have my mom teach me. We are making my B/G 3-year-old twins aprons, too! M wanted a Tangled one, but he pattern was so big. We settled on cupcakes and J got baseballs. We are almost done with one.

PS - My son is the runner. I wonder if it is a boy thing. My daughter never does stuff like that. She challenges me in other ways.

Lisa said...

Love the sisterly cuddles part!

Mandy said...

After reading your posts & spending more nights sleeping on my Girlies hard wood floor than in my bed I've decided to try your sticker chart idea. Tonights our first night but she seems excited. Hope she takes to it like your girls.