Friday, January 21, 2011

Just a little something big on cute

The teachers and aides bring the girls in and out of the preschool front door. It is supposed to keep kids from flipping out because Mommy or Daddy is going bye-bye. We have been in the school several times and have seen the "waiting areas." Here is what Emily said to me this morning -

"Me and Anna were sitting in the hall yesterday at school and I gave Anna a big hug."

Apparently, they were both in the waiting area after school was over. I think Anna was there first and then Emily was brought over. I tried to get more info from her such as "Did anyone see you hug Anna?" or "Did anyone say anything?" I asked her again tonight (unfortunately, she was exhausted). She replied with, "Let's not talk about it."

I was told tonight that Anna wrinkled up the two pictures/projects that Em brought home from school yesterday. Here is how Em described it - "I was sitting on the floor reading my book and I looked over and my picture was all wrinkled up. Anna did it." I made Anna, who had an evil twinkle in her eye, apologize to Em and then they hugged without me asking them to.

I love the sweetness. Not the wrinkling up of other's pictures/projects.

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Anonymous said...

soooooooooooooo cute & sweet!!!

Tracy said...

Oh, I just love when little one's give each other love!! BTW, Thanks for the comment and I enjoy keeping up with your cute girls.

Bears4 kidz said...

Have you evey visited You should totally blog for them. I love your work!