Sunday, January 16, 2011

Belle's Happy Day

I'm a bookworm and the girls appear to be following in my footsteps. As of late, Allie will go through books page by page "reading." Her reading is basically making up words based upon the pictures and what she remembers from us reading the books to her. Yesterday morning, she "read" books on my bed while I showered and got ready for work (yes, on a Saturday.) When I commented on all the books she had read, she said, "I'm getting really good at reading." I should mention that she reads out loud.

So here's an example of Allie's reading:

"Belle's happy day.

Belle is playing with Chip. She loved-ed him. She loved-ed the Beast too. It is raining out. She makes cupcakes. He takes two. Bell takes three. Then they eat dinner. They had happily ending nina."

Yeah, she messed up "happily ever after." She also sings "as old as wine" with the Beauty and the Beast song.

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