Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm supposed to be training for a half marathon.

Whether or not I'll actually compete in one is yet to be seen but I still want to train for one.

I had been running fairly consistently up until vacation but I wasn't really increasing my mileage. In fact, I felt like I had stalled out. Rich and I talked half marathons because I really want to run one before I get old(er than I am) and my knees give out completely. Rich found one for early, early spring but that doesn't work for me. Between kids, work and weather, that doesn't give me enough time to train.

I searched the internet and found a half marathon for this upcoming summer. Unfortunately, it appears that we may be doing a few smaller vacations this summer and I know how training, triplets and vacations work. They don't. So anyway, I still decided that upon returning from Disney I would get my mileage up and modify a training program.

I have this really old running injury that is so frightening I avoid overtraining at all costs because I know what can happen. One last Disney story for you. It is true that you do a lot of walking at Disney. For me, that wasn't a big deal because not only do I do a lot of walking day to day, I also run. What made the walking a bit different for me was that I was quite often pushing a Graco DuoGlider stroller loaded down with two three year olds and a bunch of gear. Those things don't really glide, especially when you are pushing uphill.

As we were leaving Magic Kingdom on our last day at the parks, Allie, who was riding in the stroller, was trying to tell me something. I couldn't hear Allie so while pushing the stroller, I leaned forward and BAM my old injury was back.

This injury is sneaky in that it isn't a constant throbbing or pain. I will think that I'm fine and then it will suddenly pull. The best way to describe the area of pulling is where my calf muscle is located behind my knee. The BAM feels like the muscle has snapped.

I was hoping that the pull at the park was a fluke but nope, every so often BAM it would snap again. And I have to tell you that it hurts. I think my calf muscle was just really, really tight and when I leaned forward, something pulled.

I know what running on it can do so I've been holding off. Everything would feel fine for a few days and then I would feel it snap again. I haven't felt anything since last weekend and that was just a twinge. I was going to try to run a few miles this week to see how it felt but Monday night as I was sitting on the couch, I stretched my legs out and felt/heard an odd crack. Interesting. When I stood up to walk, there was a pain behind my good knee. Fantastic. That lasted for a day.

As I type this out, both legs have been doing well for the past few days and I appear to have survived a bowling outing at work yesterday with no further injuries. Treadmill, here I come.

(I realize this post is a snoozer. Sorry!)

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good luck!!!