Thursday, December 30, 2010

He actually doesn't smell very good.

This wasn't my intended post for the night but Allie has been puking since this afternoon and I know how that goes. And I still need to find and edit all the photos for my EOY post as well. Ack! I'm so behind in my posts!!!

I do have to say that we've been extremely lucky when it comes to illnesses. Take UTIs off of the table, and the girls really haven't been too sick. They seem to always have runny noses since starting school and there was the coughing surrounding the Disney vacation. Other than that, Allie has had one ear infection and Em somehow ended up with bronchitis.

And as far as puking goes, we've never had more than one sick at a time (KNOCKING ON WOOD) and they never seem to get sick from each other, which is odd. And they never seem to puke for more than a few hours.

So, yes, Grammy emailed me this afternoon to ask me how I dry Elmo after he has a tubby (in the washing machine) because Allie had thrown up on him. Allie continued to puke up until bedtime. The good thing with her being older is that she can tell you when it is going to happen and will throw up in the little potty or a bucket. Except for that first time. Poor baby.

I'm nervous about her waking up in the middle of the night so I think I'll sleep in the bed in her room. She's still sleeping in her toddler bed and isn't too anxious to make the transition. I'll have to update on how that whole thing is going. Or not going.

I'm hoping this vomiting is short lived as she isn't acting lethargic and was complaining about being hungry and thirsty. I know when I'm really sick, the last thing on my mind is eating.

Tonight when we handed her a clean fresh Elmo, she pressed his face to hers and said, "He actually doesn't smell very good. Can you smell him please?" I was a bit nervous but he only smelled of detergent not the stinky pineapple smell which indicates that he needs a tubby. She asked if he would smell better in the morning.

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Samantha said...

Hopefully she'll be on the mend soon.
My trips just got their first illness at 2.5 years! We are very thankful that it took that long!