Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Twins and clothes

Last weekend, Grammy took Anna with her to the beach house for special alone time. This was also intended to give me and Rich a bit of break in preparing of an upcoming adventure, which you will soon learn about. It is amazing how different it is with only two. Although, one afternoon Allie had gone to the store with Rich and Em asked, "Who is going to play with me?"


So I have stopped buying clothes for the girls until they outgrow what they have or we are lacking something specific. They are still wearing clothes from over a year ago.


Let's look at their outfits.



Excluding shoes, she is wearing Gymboree in size 3T and I can guarantee that she'll be wearing those clothes again next fall.



Shirt - The Children's Place, Size 2T - Currently, a perfect fit.

Denim Jumper - Old Navy - Size 4T - I purchased this thing back in the spring for like $2. The girls will be wearing that for at least two more years.

Leggings - Gymboree - Size 3T - These are really long and I expect the girls to wear them for another two years.



Melissa said...

I love that Em has her shoes on the wrong feet, makes the picture even better.

Julia said...

Oh my, it is crazy when they decide they must dress themselves all alone!

we have the opposite "problem" here. Hubby is really tall and I am on the tall side too - this second year has been crazy with the girls skyrocketing through the percentile chart. Most American clothes fit them to size, but they are already outgrowing some size 3 Brazilian stuff. Nevertheless, they still wear some newborn pants as knee-length shorts (cute!), and almost all dresses they have ever had become tops.

JEN said...

My kid was a slow grower. THe problem I find with gymboree is that is it really wide. My daughter swims in it when it is way too short and I've decided to only buy the shorts or dresses from there going forward.

Love the hugs!

Anonymous said...

Love the hug at the end! It's funny because I have twins and I say the same thing that it's so much easier with just one ... but the house is so quiet until they are both together again.


L. said...

I love their outfits--and their smiling faces certainly don't hurt, either!

Dairy Queen said...

your girls could not be ANY cuter!

i wish leah's clothes would last more than a season. she is already in a 5T.