Saturday, November 6, 2010

Social butterflies

If you don't do this already, you should check your local libraries for children's events.


The week before Halloween, our library offered an interactive show featuring a performance by a witch. She basically sings funny songs and gets the kids involved. My kids were somewhat in a state of shock for some of it.


About halfway through the show, this little girl ended up sitting near my girls. She kept looking at them, waving and whispering, "Hi." My kids didn't respond. I assumed that she knew one of them from school so when the show slowed down for a moment, I asked the girls if they knew the little girl. No one did.

Then I saw her with another little girl who looked like Anna's friend, R. For those of you who don't know the story, I'll recap. Anna began attending preschool last April under an IEP when she turned three years old. Her teacher had matched her up with a sweet little girl, R. Grammy said that she witnessed Anna walking to the playground with her teacher holding one of her hands and R holding the other.


Whenever Anna would act upset or nervous about school, we would mention R and her little face would light up. For preschool orientation this year, R and her mother were standing in line behind us. I assumed that she would be in Anna's class this year. It wasn't until a few weeks after school started that I discovered that R had the same teacher but was attending school three days a week because she was older.

I didn't have contact information for R and was afraid of looking like a stalker but I figured that at some point, we would run into her again. So, back to the library show. I saw Little Girl #1 with another little girl who looked like Anna's long lost friend. And then I thought I heard Little Girl #1 say, "Hey, R." My heart jumped. I grabbed Anna and tried to point out Little Girl #2. "Is that R? Honey, that little girl right there. Is that R?" Anna was like, "What little girl?"


As the show was winding down, Grammy, who was closest to Little Girl #1 asked her if she knew the girls from school. Yes, she knew Anna. Her name isn't on the class list for this year so she must have been in school with her last year. And the other little girl was Anna's friend. We have now exchanged phone numbers with her mom, who told us that R had really been missing Anna. Isn't that so sweet? And they were both wearing pink cowgirl boots too!

It was kind of funny because I expected Anna and R to hug or something but they were both like, "Hey." You could tell that they were excited and happy to see each other but they didn't express their emotions like adults do. And I guess that would be because they are little kids.

Another girl from Anna's classroom was there as well. It was nice to finally meet some other parents and kids! My kids are just too quiet and shy. Everyone enjoyed the show!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for answering my question about the haircolor. It's such a gorgeous strawberry blonde. I love how in these pics they all 3 appear to be intently focused on the show! So cute about Anna and her little friend too. My girls are just 2 and they talk constantly about kids in their class, yet they never greet one another. How they develop their social skills is very interesting.

Wendy said...

I love the Anna and her friend story.
I'm just catching up on everything else, too but wanted to say you take great shots, truly. I know your camera's ISO settings are kind of junky-- have you thought about trading it in at Adorama? I was going to trade my d40 in but Shawna offered to buy it. I LOVE the d90 with the 50mm/1.8 on it. The ISO is CRAZY. I pretty much shoot in AP, 1250 indoors and there is little to no noise. You have great lenses; you could get a 90 body only and be set!

Heather said...

Great story about R and Anna!

I love the last picture. The look on their faces... priceless.