Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miss Smarty Pants

The girls ask a lot of interesting questions. For example, why does Mickey Mouse wear white gloves all the time? I actually do not know.

And when Grammy told them that they could not eat raw cookie dough because the label on the box warned that it may contain uncooked eggs, Anna asked, "Why can't we just take the eggs out?"

And there is Emily's constant question of, "Why do you have to go to work?"

Rich took the girls to run some errands on Saturday morning while I took my late morning nap. When they arrived home, Allie and Em barged into the bedroom and woke me up. When I asked them if they had gotten me a donut, Em said, "No." I then asked Allie where all the donuts were and she told me that they were in her tummy. When I pretended to cry, she responded with, "It's okay. Probably we can get you one next time."

When I told them I wanted to sleep, Allie said, "Actually, it's morning."

And then yesterday afternoon, I was watching television with the girls when a commercial for Pillow Pets came on. Now, the girls already each have a Pillow Pet. The only pillows that they had been using were the little toddler ones that Grammy had made for them. We were shopping at Target for regular pillows for them when they spotted the Pillow Pets so Rich and I said what the hay and got them each a Pillow Pet. (I do want to note that those things don't seem very comfortable to me.)

So anyway, Emily and Anna usually use their Pillow Pets (when they sleep in their own beds.) Allie's Pillow Pet has been on her bedroom floor and Elmo's twin seems to be taking the world's longest nap on it. As they were watching the commercial, the girls started telling me that they each need another Pillow Pet. I asked Allie why she needed another one when she wouldn't even use the one she has. She replied with, "Well, everyone else wants to use it."

And who would everyone else be?

"Puppy. And the naked baby. And the baby with clothes on."

I just had to laugh at that one.


hsw said...

Can't wait for my two year old to start talking, especially when I read posts like this!

Anonymous said...

My daughter has the unicorn, which ones do they have?

B said...

OMG, I'm dying. I even read it to my husband. I can totally hear that convo in my house.

Stef said...

I dont know why he wears the white gloves (maybe just to look snazzy), but Mickey Mouse was named after Mickey Rooney because Walt Disney was dating Mickey Rooney's mom at the time...

JEN said...

The commercial is on Sprout, isn't it? My 2 year old is obsessed with Pillow Pets because of that darn commercial. They have them at our Kroger by the checkouts and she just carries it around the store and then..... we put it back I'm ashamed to admit.

Cindy said...

Pillow Pets are on our Christmas list this year. The 2 y/os and the 6 y/o all want it. Thanks Santa!

I love these little conversation posts. Kids say the most wonderful things and yours are very witty for 3 y/os.

Sarah said...

There wasn't much of a selection at Target so we ended up with a ladybut, a bee and a puppy.

Sazz said...

I usually don't post but I have been reading your blog since the triplets were tiny babies. I had to comment on this one b/c it's a super cute and hilarious post. I can't wait for my twins to start saying cute stuff like that.