Friday, October 15, 2010

Remember the babies


Although, some of us remember these babies everyday.

If you are a new reader to my blog, you can read part of Abbey's story here.


My great aunt was a nun. She passed away years and years ago. Near the end, she lost her eye sight due to cataracts. Anna is named for her. For the past four years and four months, I have had this feeling that Sister Marion is gently rocking my dear sweet baby.

If you are pregnant, please ask your doctor about kick counts. If you are pregnant and something feels off, call your doctor.


Hope's Mama said...

Remembering Abbey today and always. Sorry if I mostly only comment on your babyloss related posts, but obviously Abbey's story is very close to my heart.
Your last line - very good advice and I just want to second that for anyone else who reads it. No one is immune from stillbirth. Not even if you're having a "normal" pregnancy.
I lit a candle for Abbey tonight.

Ami said...

It's strange, but I think about Abbey almost every time I look at the little girls. She is remembered by lots of us. :) Great advice.

Summers Family said...

Thinking of you and your precious Abbey today.

Sending hugs-

PS - I'm glad you posted the girls adorable picture on our SB board recent post.

Wendy said...

My love to you, Rich and all your girls <3

Sarah said...

Thank you all for your kinds words and thoughts. It means a lot to us.

Stef said...

I do remember your Abbey (and other babies gone) as I go through my day now & again. It feels odd but then I think again & think it must be them with us, trying to keep the living from forgetting.
Im praying for you & Rih, the girls & their big sister <3

Anonymous said...

I am remembering Abbey. Everytime I read your blog, my eye catches the left side bar and I remember sweet Abbey. Thank you for sharing your story.

Meg said...

Thinking of you all ~ thank you for being so open about Abbey. It's so important for people to be aware.