Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let me look at the menu.

Rich and I are not big Halloween people. And by 'big Halloween people' I mean that we refuse to do an extensive amount of work for it. Don't get me wrong - we still have fun and make it fun for the girls. I think it's been like twenty years since I last dressed up for Halloween so as you can imagine, I don't spend months and months planning the girls' costumes. I don't even care if they coordinate.

About six weeks or so ago, we were shopping at Target when the girls spotted Tinkerbell dress-up clothes. They unanimously agreed to be Tinkerbell and related fairies for Halloween. Unfortunately, the outfits are HUGE. I don't know why I thought that they would fit into something that says size 4-6 but I did.

And then Rich made the comment that the Tinkerbell and related fairies costumes were kind of lame. And then Anna started saying that she wanted to be a witch. And Emily starting saying that she wanted to be a pumpkin.

So while we were shopping last weekend at Target, we allowed the girls to pick out real costumes. Not that the other ones aren't real. They are just too big and incomplete. After much "I want to be this" and "I want to be that," we left the store with a lion, an Alice in Wonderland and a witch.

Allie is now saying that she wants to be "Alicenne in Wonderland" and not the lion. Em is refusing to switch.

I picked up some face paint on my way home from work last night thinking that it would help Allie get excited about being a lion if she knew she was going to have a nose and whiskers painted on her face. There was a booklet with the face paint showing examples of all different kinds of faces you can paint.

Here's what I heard last night from the girls:

"Hmmmm... let me look at the menu."

"I need to look at the menu."

"I like this face."

"Let's look at the scary faces."

"Let me look at the menu."

Now when they say, "Let me look at the menu," they are saying it like they are looking at what they are going to order. Yeah, this is going to be an interesting Halloween.

And how often do they look at menus! Where did they pick that up from?

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Cindy said...

That is a really cute story. The girls are precious.
I am not a huge Halloween person - I love seeing costumes but don't like dressing up. My DH on the other hand LOVES to dress up - it's like his high holy day. He makes an amazing costume every year for him and the 3 girls. This year - fred flintstone, bam bam and pebbles and a witch will be hitting the town. I am supposed to be wilma - but every year I just throw on a witches hat and run out the door.