Monday, October 4, 2010

How to be a mini fashionista

Rich and I arrived home one evening from work to find Allie and Anna traipsing around the house wearing their leotards from gymnastics and cowgirl boots. That was it. Two items. Leotards and cowgirl boots. Within minutes of our appearance, they started the I want to play outside chant.

Okay. Okay. We can play outside. But you have to put on shorts or something else. (Bringing them outside like that would have been borderline completely inappropriate.)

What a production that was. I pulled out the basket of shorts but, oh no, that wouldn't do. Finally, they settled on these skirts (or skorts, really), which are size 12 months but still look and fit fine.

Now, I know my kids are on the small side but they are still on the chart for their age. These skirts were obviously longer when they were a year old but they still fit fine. Do people really pack up clothing items like this when their kids reach an age outside of the size or do they hold onto them like I do until they really don't fit any longer? I know others have commented on having their kids wear too short pants and capris as capris and shorts, which is awesome to hear.

Okay, onto pictures because I HAD to take pictures of this.

Anna wanted nothing to do with the camera.


An here's Allie.




Sarah said...

I totally am using clothes until they truly must be uncomfortable for my daughter... we were using 3-6mo. pants as leggings until a few weeks ago! She's 13 months! I just bought a 6-12 month dress on clearance for $1.00 for her to wear as a cute shirt with leggings! I think the skirts in the picture look fine!!

Anonymous said...

why inappropriate?

The Carpenters said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE using dresses as shirts with a cute pair of leggings the next year! In fact, I just packed up the girls' closet yesterday and made sure I kept all the clothes out that I thought would still fit them at this time next year/could be paired with a cute long-sleeved top or leggings to make due in the colder months. Be frugal! We moms of multiples have to be! :)

Kim said...

Cute! I also keep clothes in their closet and the girls wear them until they outgrow them as long as they still look decent!

JEN said...

Um the skirts look totally fine.
My daughter is super tall and lean (she belongs to the milkman we think), and I keep all of her too short pants to wear as capris. They look fine with sandals but ricidulous with shoes and socks.

Jen said...

Yep! We do dresses as shirts once they are too small :P

Helen said...

I can't say as I've been able to hang on to much of the boys' clothes like that... capris on boys may be "ok" in Europe, but not in middle-America ;)

Jayme said...

I let my 8 year old third grader wear a size 4T skort to school the other day. It still hung to her knees, and fit fine in the waist.

Sarah said...

Anon - it looked a little risque to me.

And yes, we also do the too short dresses with leggings!