Friday, October 29, 2010

For tonight...

I had started to write a blog post with my tips for treadmill running but then figured that no one would want to read it so I dumped it. So for tonight, here are some tidbits and pictures.


Maybe by the new year we will have the room switch-a-roo finished. There are just a few finishing touches needed. Like hanging curtains. And pictures.


The girls' cousin, Jen, was kind enough to give them these bakery cookies with Elmo rings on them. Allie was hysterical. Here she is showing the ring to Elmo, who was napping on the couch.


From what I'm told, Elmo loved the ring of himself.



BuckeyeBundle said...

I would love some treadmill em!

although, I always love a good elmo story too. :)

Kari said...

I too would enjoy hearing your tips on treadmill running... Please share!

Stacy said...

Cute pics!

I would love to hear the treadmill post. I had always heard that running on a treadmill is easier. I have been running outside since August and just hit over 3 miles recently. Then it got cold and I went to run on the treadmill and OMG i found it so much harder. I don't understand.


Anonymous said...

Please share your treadmill tips! I find it difficult enough with 2 little ones!