Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Talk about the little boy with the scissors

So my kids are almost three and a half years old and they really don't know how to use scissors. I blame it on being a triplet. Adults are always outnumbered and I really don't feel comfortable allowing my toddlers to explore what scissors can do. I've received some comments here and there from other parents and therapists, who have allowed their children scissor use (and dealt with the awesome resulting toddler haircuts), basically telling me that kids my age should know how to use scissors. Hey, I look at it this way: Whatever works for your family, works for your family, not necessarily mine.


A few months ago, I purchased toddler scissors in hopes of teaching the girls how to use them before school starts. A few weeks ago, I whipped out the scissors in hopes of curbing a tantrum from Allie who wanted to play outside at 6:30 even though any and all adults on hand were busy preparing and attempting to inhale dinner.


Tantrums were curbed.


Allie was very innovative and was able to use her scissors by holding them upside down and leveraging off of the table. I was very happy to see her thinking outside of the box. There are too many people stuck in boxes these days.


Okay, I know that these are safety scissors but they are still scissors. I caught Em testing them out on her leg and then Anna holding them up against her face. {Sigh} And then Allie jumped up with scissors in hand and ran into the kitchen.


If I tell the girls they can't do something because they will get hurt, they question that. "How will I get hurt?" I understand that their brains are running a mile a minute and that they are trying to process any and all scenarios so what I try to do is tell them something that they can relate to.

"Oh, I don't think you've heard the story about the little boy who got hurt because of his scissors. His teacher told him that he could only use his scissors if he was sitting at the table. Well, he didn't listen to her and jumped up to run into the other room. He tripped and the scissors went into his tummy. He had to go to the doctor and because his tummy was hurt, he couldn't play outside or go to the beach."

Now, I don't want to scare them with threats of "going to the doctor" because they are at the point now where doctors are okay. They make you better. I figured that the consequences of not being able to play outside or go to the beach would be enough.

Here and there I get the request to talk about the little boy with the scissors. The girls ask important questions such as, "What color shirt was he wearing?"

Well, I'm guessing red.


Catherine said...

I've got triplet sons right around your daughters age (they'll be 3.5 in about a month). They don't know how to use scissors either. I was less worried about haircuts (boys, you see) than about something critical like blankie, Mr. Bear or Tigee being cut.

I just bought some plastic scissors that aren't supposed to cut skin or cloth. I still haven't introduced them yet.

Janie said...

That is so cute!!!! Your girls are adorable!

MandyE (Twin Trials and Triumphs) said...

I was reading your blog a couple of months ago...I can't remember the topic of the post. Someone left a comment that said something to the effect, "You lie to your kids a lot." I think back to that occasionally and just laugh. I have to wonder if that person has children. :)

Wendy said...

LOL... I'm guessing red. M&L don't get scissors either; you've seen what Lilly did to her bangs! They can cut when they're five.

mrsgingergrl said...

I couldn't get my girls to leave the park the other night despite begging, bribing, threatening. Finally I told Charlotte if we were still there when it got dark, there were going to be lots and lots of bats flying around. She couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Scarred for life? Maybe. But it worked. ;)

Melissa said...

When I was teaching kindergarte, I had many students who came into the classroom at the start of the year and not have a clue how to use scissors. They have plenty of time to learn, so don't at all feel like you are behind.
By the way, I love their hair pulled back in the barrettes like that.

Ami said...

So stinkin funny! I happen to love ALL your 'lies' and am writing them down so that I can whip em out when my triplets are old enough to need them! That's true mother's wisdom right there! :) And I totally agree with Melissa. As a kindergarten teacher for 8 years, I've seen PLENTY of kids who haven't a clue what to do with scissors! "Thumbs up when we cut!"...still runs through my head... :)

Samantha said...

Our speech therapist told us to use the scissors that come with Playdoh. They still help them hold them properly, but can't cut anything except Playdoh!

Cindy said...

Trust your instincts with the scissors. You know your girls best. Those safety scissors are still sharp enough to cut little fingers - ask my 6 y/o. she accidentally cut her finger (not bad, but it did bleed) and she's been using scissors for years. She also cut all of her barbie dolls' hair and once cut a snippet of her own hair off. This was in kindergarten. It takes time for them to really get it. And it isn't lying when you tell them stories about safety! You are putting it in terms they can relate to. I tell my 6 y/o stories still because she listens better to that then when I just say NO, it's dangerous. The jury is still out on the twin 2 y/os - I tell them about boo-boos but they still do lots of dangerous things anyway. All 3 are pretty spirited.

Love these pictures and yesterday's blooper was a hoot!

JEN said...

LOVE the comment. What cute little minds :)

BreezieGirl said...

Great post! No need to rush with scissors. I love the girls' inquisitive minds.

Samantha - Play doh scissors are awesome!

Anonymous said...

*lol* thank you, thank you, thank you for that laugh!

Meg said...

Love the bit about the boy with scissors!

Erika said...

I "just" have twins and I am in the same school of thought...I'm going to let the teachers handle that one:) My MIL keeps buying them safety scissors and I keep putting them away. ha!

Love your blog. Those girls are TOO adorable:)

Sarah said...

Thank you for all of your comments. Some of them made me giggle. I'm glad that there are others who share the same view on scissors.

Good point about the playdoh scissors - we have a pair of those but the girls seem to lose interest in them fast.