Thursday, September 2, 2010

Stranger Danger

I've started to teach the girls a bit about Stranger Danger. Mainly what to do if they get lost. Let's see how tonight's lesson went.

Mommy: "Em, what should you do if you get lost."

Emily: "Stay in the same spot."

Mommy: "Very good, Emily. What about you Anna? What should you do?"

Anna: "Stay in the same spot?"

Mommy: "Yes, Anna. Very good."

{Allie was in another room and did not hear Em's or Anna's answers.}

Mommy: "Allie, what should you do if you get lost."

Allie: "Go look for Mommy and Daddy. Go with a girl stranger to look for Mommy and Daddy. We don't like boy strangers. We only like girl strangers. That's what Caillou did. He got lost and went with a girl stranger to look for his Mommy and Daddy."

Mommy: "Allie, I think Caillou needs to go on a very long vacation."


Stef said...

I just had a similar conversation the other day about talking to strangers with Jake who is 4. We went over what/who is a stranger, if it was okay to talk to them if I was there/if I wasnt there. Also, what if the stranger asked Jake for help. One thing I heard once that really struck me to tell kids is that adults shouldnt ask kids for "help" or to "come with them", adults ask adults for help. So Ive used that and he seems to be receptive to it.
*Also, on Caillou, (only because goodness knows Ive seen about every episode twice lol) I believe Caillou was helped by a security guard/employee at a museum? That seems farmiliar for some reason...whenever I take Jake somewhere big I tell him if he gets lost/seperated where it is okay to get help from/who it is okay to get help from (security guard/good guys in uniforms)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that is where Allie got her answer...They have watched that Caillou show with the Museum worker helping him quiet a few times.

Elizabeth said...

I've used that one about adults only ask other adults for help.

As my kids got a little older, I told them that they can ask another Mommy for help but only if she has her little girl or boy with her.

Thoughts on that one?

Sarah said...

Thank you for the suggestions. I hadn't thought about teaching them that adults shouldn't ask them for help. Very good point.