Thursday, September 16, 2010

Our charming Victorian cottage

Build in the 1880's.



If we still lived there, you would be viewing pictures of the girls playing (and eating donut holes) on the mahogany wood front porch.


Some of the woodwork (columns) is original to the house.


We would have replaced that standard storm/screen door with a fancy reproduction by now.


Large windows allowing for tons of natural light.

Lovely mouldings and baseboards.

Refinished wide pine floors. Original to the house.


Bathroom featuring clawfoot tub and beadboard.


I'm sorry but Allie's skirt is causing me to laugh hysterically. That is a size 24 months from Carters and after we arrived home, I placed that skirt and the other two matching ones in our give away bag. It was huge and I wasn't counting on her waist to expand that much.

Fancy chandeliers.


I had intended to use the house as a photography studio over the summer. I quickly realized that I did not have time for that. Or much else of anything, for that matter. I did manage to snap off these pictures of Emily in what was the original nursery. Abbey's room.


Whenever I look in that room, I still have an imagine of a little girl sitting on a purple rug in the middle of the floor, playing in the winter sunlight streaming through the windows.


(Please note that these photos were taken in June.)


Noelle said...

You know what I love most about photos of your girls? The of them or all of them ALWAYS have band-aids! That and your daughters are BEAUTIFUL!

Janet Dillon Robinson said...

This house is gorgeous! I love all the light. And that chandelier, WOW.

Amy said...

I notice all the band-aids too! I hate band-aids, they give me the willies. I seriously hope I can pass of my weird fright of them too my girls, otherwise I don't know I will do if they demand 500 band-aids a day.

Stephanie said...

Hi i have trips identical girls and a boy. the boy has spina bifida and it was neat to see someone writing a blog about it, i read your whole blog today, ig i should explain my trips are 18 so i have some time to myself and i use it wisely lol.

Kris said...

I am crushed ~ you left out the part were you would have amazing neighbors :)

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love, love love that house - it is EXACTLY my style :)

JEN said...

Lovely. Did you do all the work on in yourselves? Pre-children of course.

Momma Chantal said...

That is pretty much my dream house! Do you rent it out, or just leave it empty so you can visit it? It sounds so dreamy!!

Pyjammy Pam said...

oh that bathroom looks like ours! that's why i love taking bathtime pictures of the boys. :)

Sarah said...

Hi Stephanie! It's nice to meet another triplet mama, especially one who understands SB.

I'm sorry, Kris. You know we miss you.

Jen - we did as much work as possible and then hired out for other jobs. Like electrical and plumbing - I wasn't going to touch that.

Momma Chantal - we rent it out. We have tried to sell a few times but the market hasn't been great these past few years. Those pics were taken between renters.

Pam - I miss that tub!