Saturday, September 18, 2010

First week of school update

I'm happy to report that the girls had a fantastic first week of school. And I'm admitting that I was a bit nervous over the summer as to how they would do. Anna last year seemed to like school but didn't really like it when the teacher came to get her out of the car. She usually made her pouty face and sometimes there would be silent tears.

The girls were running around with their backpacks on an hour before school was to begin. Allie was crying, "I want to go to school now." I finally told her that she could go walk up to the school if she wanted to. She didn't like that option either.

We had to wait in the car line for about 10 minutes or so. Here's what I heard from Allie and Em:

"Let's get out of the car."

"Let's go. What are we waiting for?"

"I want to go now."

There were absolutely no tears. They willingly went with the teachers. I was pleasantly surprised considering how shy and clingy they can be.

Other funny quotes from Allie this week:

"Those potties were made just right."

"No, I didn't cry. I'm a big girl now and big girls don't cry. Only babies cry."

Of course, taking a picture of all three of the girls on the first day turned out to be impossible. I did get this one.


Look at how big Em's backpack is.


Goddess in Progress said...

Amazing, isn't it?? My kids did the same thing for their first week of school! I couldn't believe how excited they were, even with the drop-off line. Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I have been reading your blog for a while (and I love it!), but there are few things that I'm a little curious about. Could you tell the girls apart from birth? Obviously poor Anna and her unfortunate medical problems did give you a bit of a help, but they look very very very alike. Do they realize that not most people have two identical sisters, and do they know that they are a triplet? Btw, you're photography is really great! Your gorgeous girls will look back one day (when they're sixteen like me and needing a variety of baby pictures for a school) and be very glad that they're mom took such nice pictures of them and they are not covered in food/naked/a mess/not even completely in the pics! And lucky them, they'll all be on the computer and not scattered around in the dusty attic!

Julia said...

Adorable as always! Was Anna excited to go back, too? What about the teacher's experience with the three in class? Any codes to help her out?

Look at how much hair they have! My curly babies are getting curlier ad curlier and apparently their hair won`t be long yet even when they are 3!

Sarah said...


I could tell the girls apart from birth. It's funny but they do look a bit different to me. The girls know that they are triplets but I don't think they really understand what that means. They definitely don't understand the identical thing either.

Anna has been neutral to the preschool experience. She acts excited during the weekend but she wasn't begging to get out of the van.

The girls are in separate classrooms. I have been dressing them in completely different outfits and their names are on their backpacks so hopefully, there shouldn't be any mix-ups!