Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Doesn't get much cuter than this.

These pictures are from a family reunion we attended last weekend for my mother-in-law's side of the family.

The fact that the girls love and insist on wearing boots just kills me. Sometimes the cuteness is just too much for me to handle.


Now, I have to preface this by telling you that the function room in the restaurant was a photography nightmare for those of us with Nikon D50s. I walked in and gasped. There was no natural light, the lighting was set to "romantic" and the ceilings were very low, which made bouncing the flash a bit difficult. Bumping up the ISO on my camera leaves me with grain so I avoid it at all costs. I took a deep breath and did the best I could.

There was dancing. (Please ignore the cracker crumb mouths.)


And yes, Em really was losing her britches. Rich had dressed her so I didn't realize that her diaper cover (I still make the girls wear them even though they don't wear diapers anymore) was way too big and falling off. She's our skinny mini.


There was coloring.


And then there was toddler photography. Rich's cousin had put out these disposal cameras for everyone to take pictures with. I was taking pictures with my camera so I let the girls use the one at our table. They really did take pictures with it.


There was fighting over the camera so when another table finished with theirs, I asked if the girls could use it. They knew that it wasn't clicking when they took the picture but didn't understand the concept of running out of film. I told them that they could still practice taking pictures. Em kept giving hers back to me saying, "The batteries ran out."



And of course, there was food and cake!


All of the clothes, hats and Allie's purple boots are from Gymboree. (Sales and Gymbucks, people!) The pink boots are from Crazy 8.


Tracy said...

The coloring picture is perfect in every way. I love it!!

Cindy said...

This is too much cuteness to bear! Your girls are pure joy.

Emily said...

Cute pictures! I love Gymbucks! My daughter is wearing the green dress today. I'm running a Gymboree giveaway that ends tomorrow. Check it out.

Goddess in Progress said...

Super cute, and well done in very difficult lighting situation.

BTW, for wearing something over undies and under skirts, we LOVE Monkeybar Buddies (monkeybarbuddies.com). They run a little small, which is nice for our skinny girls. They fit like volleyball shorts, and are awesome for providing just a little extra coverage.

kdliberty said...

Great pictures. I bet your girls were the life of the party. They sure looked like they had fun...

Anonymous said...

The cuteness is almost painful - ha ha! They are so beautiful! Love the photo with them taking pictures and how they hold hands and look at each other - so sweet! You are an amazing photographer!


Shannon said...

I think I seriously want to purchase the clothes your girls have outgrown. They are always quite the fashionistas!

JEN said...

Enjoyable! :) THe boots are fantastic.

Anonymous said...

I cut most of the legs off of my daughter's old leggings and have her wear them under her dresses and skirts.....

Sarah said...

Thanks, everyone. I'll keep in mind those suggestions for what to wear under dresses.

And Shannon - the girls have a lucky younger cousin who receives most of their hand-me-downs!