Saturday, August 21, 2010

This afternoon

Rich and I brought the girls to a park playground to meet up with a group of my online MoM friends. Between all of us, there were more than 30 kids, including 4 sets of triplets. It was such insane fun and the girls had a blast. Although, they were very shy.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take many pictures at all because I really had to help Rich with keeping an eye on the girls. This was a fairly large playground and there were lots of other kids there as well.

I did get this cute one of Em though.


In order to get to our van, we had to walk across a ball field. We made it into a race. Then when we reached the van, I told the girls to run up the big hill behind us. I thought that would be the icing on the tire them out cake.





Anonymous said...

It looks like the opening to Little House on the Prairie when the girls are tumbling down the hill.

Tracy said...

Tomorrow's theme at I Heart Faces is Beach Fun and I thought about you. Wanted to let you know since you have soooo many great beach photos. We have a beach vacation in Sept so I'm bummed this is the challenge this week.