Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We decided to "stay home" this past weekend. Because winter will be here before we know it, we have been trying to embark on at least one big adventure every weekend, which is fun, but also means that nothing is accomplished on the home front. It is very difficult for me to get much done during the week, mainly because of work, so laundry and cleaning and errands are usually taken care of on the weekends.

Here's Anna shortly after she woke up. She's giving me her squinty eye smile.


Rich had scheduled an oil change for the van for first thing Saturday morning, which meant that (boo) I couldn't sleep in. He left shortly before 8:00 with Allie. I spent about an hour and a half cleaning the milk and juice spots off of the couches. Shortly after Rich and Allie returned home, one of Rich's sisters and a friend showed up for a quick visit.

After lunch, I decided that since it was so nice out, I would just do my run then. I also didn't want to run out of energy as the day went on. Yeah, it was pretty darn hot out there for that 4.5 mile run. But I did it.

We spent the remainder of the afternoon outside in the yard with the girls. My main goal was to wear them out. Oh, and wear them out I did!

There was a lot of swinging and climbing and sliding. I took these pictures of Emily swinging and I just love them.




I then encouraged the girls to run a few races.


Allie likes to yell, "Ready... set," and then she takes off running before yelling, "Go."








And speaking of upgrading my camera. I had placed it on top of a deck storage box while I was pushing Emily in the infant swing. (Yes, the girls are so small that they can still use that swing.) Next thing I know, I hear a thud. My camera had slid off of the box, clipped the back of a metal patio chair and landed in what's left of our grass. I believe that the lens hit the chair because the lens covered had popped off and there is a mark on the outside side of the lens.

It appears that nothing was damaged in the incident. Thank goodness. That lens costs over $300 and I really don't feel like replacing it because of my stupidity!

One last picture from Saturday. Anna.



Anonymous said...

My four year old can still use the "infant" swing. She prefers it over a regular swing- I think because she can lounge instead of actually pumping her legs and hanging on!

Ami said...

LOVE the bandaids in so many of your pictures! Too adorable!

JEN said...

Unfortunately when you are a two parent working family, the weekends are NOT for relaxing, but for doing all the stuff you don't have time for during the week.

Great pictures as always!

Erin said...

I'm delurking. I found your blog a couple months ago from Trendy Treehouse. I think you take amazing photos. I just had my first baby (yes, a singlton!) in November and have been trying to improve my photography skills. Your photos inspire me to improve my photography, so thanks. Love these photos you just posted. Your girls are beautiful!

Rich said...
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Rich said...

The smiles on my daughters' faces in these pics are priceless. Nothing makes me happier than seeing joy in their eyes.


Anonymous said...

HI there! I love reading your updates and watching your girls grow. Looks like you definitely achieved your goal: wearing them out!

One question for you: Why does Anna always have "boy" shoes and the other two have cute little sandles. Does it have anything to do with foot inserts for her spina bifida? Just wondering.....

Love the photos. Wish I could take good photos like that!

-- Laura in Indiana

Jessie said...

I too, am a mama who is always looking for ways to WEAR THEM OUT without doing it to myself in the process.Thanks for sharing your amazing photography skills, your girls have lovely smiles.
Blessings on you and yours,
Mama to Lainey (3) and 18 month old twins, Anna and Emily :)

Leah said...

SO glad nothing was damaged on your camera, because I'd hate to not see the adorable pictures you post! LOVE following your blog.
Leah Robbins