Sunday, August 15, 2010

I gotta write this stuff down.

So before I begin with the questions asked while book reading is going on, I wanted to point out the way in which the girls say the word "princesses." In our house, it is princessessessesses. And now that I think about it, it is somewhat of a difficult word to say for a three year old.

Okay, so the girls were exhausted tonight by the time an early bedtime rolled around so they weren't as talkative but Em had a few good ones. I was reading The Three Pigs to her and Allie. On the page showing two of the pigs in the house of sticks, Em asked, "But where's the bathroom?" Good question, Em.

Then during Curious George, Em asked where the snow on top of the buildings came from? From the sky, honey. "But why isn't there any snow down there?" She was pointing out the fact that there was absolutely no evidence of snow on the streets or sidewalks. Well, all the snow was shoveled and plowed. "But why?" So no one would get hurt. "But why would they get hurt?" I quickly turned the page to avoid a five minute line of questioning regarding snow.

Em's book of the week is this Little People number showing various Little People in different scenes. The first one is a pirate ship. Allie announced tonight that Daddy told her the other day what pirates are. "They take your money." So Em's line of questioning on this page goes like this: "Where did she get this costume?" (I told her that the Little People are wearing costumes because I really had no other explanation as to why Sonya Lee is dressed as a pirate.) Her mommy bought it for her. "Where did her mommy buy it for her?" At the store, honey. "Which store did she buy it at?" I don't know, honey. "But where is her mommy?"

That's another thing they all do. If a character is shown on one page but not the next, they incessantly ask where the missing character is. "Where did his mommy go?" "Where are the other kids?" "But where is their home?"

Okay, let's move on the Little People castle page. (Pointing to the knight.) "What is he doing?" He's guarding the castle. "But why is he guarding the castle?" So the bad people don't try to get in. "But where are the bad people?" They are in the forest. "But why are they in the forest?" Because they are hiding. "But why are they hiding?"

And that's just the tip of the iceberg, folks.


Jan said...

Wow - you did an excellent job of giving us the flavor of "question time." But they really are good questions, lol!

Ami said...

Seriously. Those are some higher level thinkers you've got there! I love it!