Thursday, August 12, 2010

Granola's Ark and the ultimate Elmo picture

Grammy found a tub of Noah's Ark foam stickers on sale at Michael's the other day. Those stickers have kept the girls very busy over the past few days. While the girls were showing off their craft projects to me the other night, Emily kept referring to Noah as "Granola." She pointed to Allie's sheet of paper and said, "But Allie put three Granolas on hers."

Today she told Grandma that Granola and his animals were in the container.

At least she knows the word granola, even if she won't eat it.

And I don't think I posted these pictures yet. Yes, Lion and Elmo joined us at the lake a few weeks ago.



And I LOVE this one. Absolutely love it. Can't you just feel how much Allie loves Elmo?



Anonymous said...

Love the photos of the girls with LL and Elmo...pure love.

Amanda said...

I love that even Elmo has a band aid on...too cute!