Monday, July 19, 2010

Sticker Chart Results: Week One

I was going to take a picture of the sticker chart because it is kind of funny but my Speedlight is upstairs and I'm too lazy to go retrieve it, take the picture, upload it to the computer, open it in Elements to watermark it and then upload it to the internet. Whew, that was long.

Without further delay:

Allie - 6 stars
Anna - 4 stars
Emily - Special Snowflake

Allie just missed that one night because she came into our room at 5:00 AM and I wouldn't give it to her. As a prize, I picked up a ton of stickers in the $1 section at Target and she was able to pick a sheet (after receiving 5 stars.) When I arrived home from work today, she had a smiley face sticker on each foot. Beats band-aids.

Anna missed out on a night because she came in our room at 5:00 AM one morning and then last night, she was up quite a bit. Unfortunately, I don't think she is feeling well and she is definitely overtired.

And now on to Emily, my special snowflake. Em has yet to chart. She was enthusiastic about the whole thing when we started last week. Every night (except tonight) she has told us that she is going to stay in her bed so that she can get a sticker in the morning.

Friday night, Rich told Em that we would give her two stickers if she stayed in her bed. We were on our way upstairs at the time and she replied, "Okay!"

And now I must end this post because someone is crying upstairs. Do you get a sticker if you are sick and can't stay in your bed? Because I have a feeling that this is going to be Anna's situation tonight.


kdliberty said...

My Pastor and his wife use small pompoms in a jar(called fuzzies by their son). When the jar is full (takes over a month) he gets a treat. In his case it is all about following the house rules. If the house rules said you may get up x times when you are sick and there was some sort of pass system it would be good. You are in true balances situation. You want them to stay in bed. However, you do not want someone in the bathroom throwing up at 2am and be to scared to tell you....

Wendy said...

aww <3 special snowflake teehee... Em will get it, and I think Anna should get a little something for trying to stay in bed when she doesn't feel good. Way to go, Allie!

Anonymous said...

I tried charts for my boys (6 and 4) several times over the years and found it not to work. They wanted stickers but the pressure was too high and they'd misbehave. Then they'd tantrum more because they wanted a sticker.

What we do now is the "un-chart."
I give them a sticker whenever I catch them doing something good. Since there are no rules, they can't break them and lose. They don't work towards a prize. They just collect the stickers in an album I gave them and marvel at how many there are and how pretty they are.
Sometimes I give them an "I love you" sticker.
Just another perspective if the chart doesn't end up working out the way you intended.