Sunday, July 25, 2010

SBA Summer Gathering

Rich and I brought the girls to a gathering hosted by our local Spina Bifida Association this weekend. We are trying to become more active with this organization for several reasons. It's a great resource for us and we are now realizing that we can be a resource to other families. In talking with a family expecting twins, one who has been diagnosed with spina bifida, it suddenly hit me all that Anna has been through.

I sometimes limit what I talk about here for a variety of reasons but I see that educating others regarding spina bifida is important. There are other families out there going through what we have been through and discussing our experience can help them. I have this post in my head but I am too tired to write it out tonight. Maybe sometime this week.

So back to the gathering. It was held at a reservation area lake. It was extremely hot out and the lake was warm. Like bath water warm. The girls had a blast. As usual. After we said hello to everyone under the pavilion and had some lunch, they stayed in the water until we needed to leave. And it's a good thing we decided to pack up when we did because it started raining and then thundering and then pouring.

At one point, Em came up to me with her hands held out and asked me to get something off of her fingers. Her fingertips had pruned!

I took a million photos. As usual. I still need to go through and edit some of them. And then watermark for internet posting. Sometime this week.

In the meantime, here's a picture of Anna, my little sweetie, looking serious at the lake.

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Jen said...

She is suck a doll, they all are!

Cindy said...

So beautiful!
Your pictures have been amazing me lately. You capture your girls expressions (and I am guessing personalities because I can tell who I am looking at without searching for names)with feeling and skill. thanks for sharing!

Wendy said...

so precious <3