Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oh boy, we're gonna be in trouble.

Have I mentioned that the girls love to shop? Doesn't matter if it is Target, clothing stores or the grocery store. They love it. So when we decided to stop at Old Navy this past weekend, there were no complaints from the girls.

Now a bit of a funny/odd/this is what happens when we are in public story. The girls were walking with us on our way to the store. No strollers. As we were making our way to the store, some guy yelled out, "Hey, are those triplets?" It's not like we were being obvious. I was walking with Emily and Rich, who was walking with Allie and Anna, was about twenty or so feet behind me. Anna tends to walk a bit slower. Then some woman walked past me and said,"I'm betting you didn't deliver them. Did you?"

That was the first time I had ever heard that question. And she was quite serious about it too. Several different responses ran through my mind. Well, they were all breech and shared a placenta so no I didn't deliver them if that's what you mean. Or Did I take the scapel and make the incision into my uterus?

I ended up saying, "Yes, I did," because I really didn't know what to say.

"Wow, you look fantastic."

Now, I love a compliment as much as the next person but how exactly does she think a mother of three year old triplets should look because believe you me, I didn't look fantastic. I do have to say that I am as close to my pre-pregnancy weight as I am going to get, hence the need to purchase clothing that fits properly, so I am assuming that this is where her comment was headed.

So anyway, as we usually do, we split up in Old Navy. Em and Anna decided to help me shop and help they did. Anna kept handing clothes to me saying, "Here Mommy, try this on." And then they both became very concerned when they found a tag on the floor. "Oh no, there's a tag. Oh, no." Hysterical.

This shopping excursion was really for me and wouldn't you know that I couldn't find a darn thing. I had seen some items online but I really need to try everything on now. Yeah, they didn't have those items at this store. Awesome! We ended up at the back of the store in the toddler section. I figured that while I was there, I would look through the clearance racks to see if there was anything worth purchasing for next summer.

I found a purple sundress in size 4T. When Allie and Rich joined us, I showed the dress to Allie. She loved it and wanted to carry it for me. Now, you have to understand that while I'm looking through clothes, the munchkins are looking through clothes as well. They kept showing clothing items to me saying, "Let's get this Mommy"

"Ummm, I know that says 4T sweetie but two of you could fit into that skirt at the same time."

Next thing I know, Allie is carrying around a pair of purple capris in addition to the purple dress. I tried to put them back but she resisted. I checked the size and wouldn't you know that they were a 3T. Because they were marked down to $4something with another 20% off, Rich and I decided to just buy them.

I can only imagine what shopping will be like in the future.

And of course, Gymboree had to come out with these. What do you think Allie said when I showed them to her?


Stef said...

Bargain shoppers already, youve trained them well! And, very funny about the lady's comment. The girls were in your body and then they were brought out, so they were delivered, through whichever method was necessary.

JEN said...

I *Love* bargains. Great training for your girls. The boots are toooo cute - I adore Gymboree.

Amber said...

I've got $25 in Gymbucks that are gonna go unused. You know, if you just can't resist the boots.

Let me know if you want 'em and I'll give you the code.

mountcool2000 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Adam, Sue Ann, Olivia, Jonathan, Hayden and Hannah said...

I have a two year old, and one year old triplets. And something that still rubs the wrong way is when someone says to me, "Triplets, wow! You look great for having triplets!" What am I suppose to look like?! Maybe if they just stopped at, "You look great" I wouldn't be so offended. Anyways, I really enjoy your blog and I'm glad I'm not the only one that gets irritated by that.