Saturday, July 10, 2010

My sweet little Allie-bear

The girls continue to digress with their sleeping. I haven't had time (or maybe I am just afraid of what the answer will be) to google whether or not molars come in at 3-4 years old. About a month ago, Em started chewing on her fingers and Anna has been chewing on her clothes and other items. I was brushing Em's teeth (I brush after they do it on their own) and it looked like another molar trying to break through. Anna's mouth showed the same thing.

I have no idea but it would help explain the sleeping problems.

So last night, I went out for a run after reading the girls their (10,000) bedtime stories. I returned at 8:30 to all three munchkins still awake. Rich went upstairs to sit with Anna and I ended up upstairs trying to quiet down Em and Allie. Now, I should preface this by saying that it was hot and humid so I returned home covered in sweat. (I love returning to a house of sleeping munchkins so I can jump into the shower. Not last night.)

Allie kept whining, which is not like her at bedtime, and just wouldn't settle down. After questioning her about what was wrong, she told me that her head hurt. She said that Grammy hurt it with the brush while she was eating dinner. I told her that I would go email Grammy and then went out into the hall hoping she would stop whimpering. She didn't.

I felt bad so I returned and sat down next to her bed with my hand on her back, which immediately calmed her down. She was clutching Elmo near her face when she whispered something to me. I couldn't hear exactly what she said. "What was that, sweetie?"

"You smell."

My three year old told me that I was smelly. I WOULDN'T SMELL IF MY CHILDREN WOULD JUST GO TO SLEEP AND ALLOW ME TO TAKE A SHOWER! I told her that I was going to go change my clothes. She fell asleep without further intervention.

(After consulting with Grammy, it appears that Grammy was brushing Allie's hair before dinner to get it out of her face when Anna started to fall out of her chair. In saving Anna from falling, Allie was somehow "injured" by the brush.)

Here are some photos from a super mini session I had with Allie earlier this week.

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Helen said...

LOL at "you smell"! Love the shots of Allie too!

Tracey's Life said...

Adorable pictures. I don't know if it would help you or not, but maybe consider either forgoing the nap or shortening it? Just a thought.

I know I struggled with mine as preschoolers and tried all kinds of things until I found what worked with mine - each kid is different and you know yours better than anyone else. Mine were very visual, and I told them that story time was over when the clock said eight - O - O. That finally worked for me. They got a sippy cup of water and lights went out. If they don't know their numbers maybe a timer? Mine also earned a consequence if they got up for no reason at all. I don't know if that will work for Three Year Olds though.

Bedtime should not be hard as a second job. Once they all start school you are going to need it to be easier for you - Good are doing a great job!

Julia said...

On a sidetrack, I was htinking the other day that Grammy is a constant character in your stories but there has never been a picture of her. Does she prefer not to show?

Jenn said...

LOL at the smelly comment! Don't you just love kids!

Amy said...

Pretty sure there are three year molars. Your girls are so cute!

Stef said...

I also had a thought on bedtime. I know this is how it tends to be in my experience, when have given in more to the pleads and the "one more story, please!" it only makes it worse, harder, and takes longer. Not that I am tough love or leave them to fend for themselves, but enough is enough sometimes, no? And I think what Tracey said is true, once they start school a good night sleep in their beds is going to be even more important. Again, three of the same age is beyond my experience (though I have nannied for triplets), but with them in their own rooms now it seems that should help a little bit. Its not always fun but sometimes youve got to lay down a line! (of course this is disregarding any health concernes, esp. with the spina bifida)

Lynn said...

I agree with Stef and Tracey. I don't have triplets, so I can't possibly know how hard that is; I have twin 3 yos and a 13 month old. And sleep has been a constant cause of conversation and debate at our house and, on some level, continues to be.

Everyone needs sleep to be at their best, ALL of you included. I think the line needs to be drawn, and as their teacher, you need to encourage them and help give them the confidence to stay in their beds. No more super long one more book, one more glass of water one more snack
one more cuddle one more lay next to me for 5,10,20,40 minutes...

What finally worked for us was laying down the law, which meant no more giving in to the pleas, whining, crying, sobbing, begging, even though that sometimes felt easier. No give ins at 8pm, nor at 3am. Barring sickness or after 7am, our bed is our bed, and their beds are their beds (and in your case, the couch is for daytime only). We also follow the same routine - 20 minute show with milk, bedtime snack, while getting jammies on and teeth brushed, then try on the potty, pullup on, 1 book or story in their room, each has a water cup in their bed and it's bedtime. If they yell out or come down, return to bed or quieted, without much emotion - no more warm snuggled, hugs, etc just seems to drag on forever if they are promised more mama love every time they yell out! It took a couple of weeks, but it worked. (sometimes we have family snuggle in the morning)

It sounds from a number if your sleep posts that you are ready for a change. It needs to start with you and your husband... Team Good Nights Sleep!

Tracy said...

Ditto the previous suggestions. I 3 year old have triplets and one younger and I'm not dealing with health issues like you are & I commend you for taking such good care of those girls, but all our kids sleep in their own beds from 8:30 to 7:00 and they have "quiet time" in their beds from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon. It is doable, but you have to endure some crying. As a lover of triplets and photography I truly enjoy reading your blog. If you ever have questions regarding our sleep training process, feel free to shoot me a note. Many Blessings, Tracy

Tracy said...

OOPS... just read my comment.... correction. "I have 3 year old triplets and one younger." sorry!!!!