Monday, June 28, 2010

Note to self: Make sure to recharge the batteries.

I use rechargeable batteries in my Speedlight (Nikon SB600). During the winter months, I stayed on top of ensuring that the batteries were charged as the majority of my photos were taken indoors and I really do rely upon my Speedlight. Now that I have been taking a ton of pictures outside, I keep forgetting to charge the batteries and never realize it until it is too late. (I know. I know. In a perfect world, I would have charged back-ups. This is not a perfect world.)

Saturday morning, we took off to attend a birthday party for two of my nieces at my brother's new inground pool. I took this picture of the girls modeling their cover-ups before we left.

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And the batteries died.

I then decided to not bring the camera because I didn't want to have to babysit it, especially since we intended to bring the girls in the pool. I missed out on some great pictures but with a billion kids under the age of 10, it was a smart move.

The girls had a blast. They love playing with their cousins and they ended up loving the pool. They kept asking to go back in even as we were leaving. Anna is a little fish. Em did really well also. Allie was afraid at first but warmed up fairly quick. We really need to start up swim lessons but I don't want them to be afraid of the water. Soon.

They napped for a bit in the van but were obviously exhausted come bedtime. We actually ended the attempt at free range toddler bedtime last night because of Saturday night. The girls didn't go to sleep until 9:30. I was ready for bed well before that point. They kept running around together like a pack, playing "Tag Hewitt" and doing any and everything but sleeping. My favorite part of the evening was when all three yelled, "Daddy, where are you going? Don't leave," out one of the windows when Rich left to pick up take-out, which we ended up eating at 9:30.

So, unfortunately, because the batteries for the Speedlight were useless, I missed a picture of all three of them looking out Allie's window. There were three sets of legs sticking out from under the curtain. As soon as they heard me, they scattered, which is why I couldn't get the picture.

I should note that a few nights earlier, I heard a lot of chatter upstairs instead of sleeping and assumed that they were playing together. I then heard Anna say, "Wake up, Emily." Yeah, Allie and Em were actually asleep in their beds and Anna was running in and out of their rooms playing and talking to them while they slept.

Common bedtime pleas in our house:

"I. need. to. go. potty."
"I. need. a. bandaid."
"Take my water."
"I need fresh water."
"Tuck me in!"
"Sit next to me."


momeeof3 said...

I love the "Tag Hewitt" that is SO cute!!! Your girls are adorable! I love reading your blog :0)

Cindy said...

This sounds like our house. My 2 y/os are in bed at 7. We are lucky in that most nights they go to bed nicely. And quickly. Then there are nights like last night with the screaming and the crying and did I mention the screaming? S learned that if she asked for a hug I'd give one. Then D caught on to it too. Big mistake on my part. Gonna have to quit those multiple hugs good night real quick.

Oh, and nap time - we have to put S to sleep first. Then D awhile later. She needs less sleep and if she goes into the bedroom awake she'll wake up S every time. Then the run and play and hoot and holler. FRUSTRATING for us because then we have 2 very cranky girls on our hands. All of this while trying to keep the 6 y/o entertained enough to let us get the little ones to nap. It's funny though, like you said, when the are playing when the should be sleeping and they hear me coming they take off into their beds faster than lighting. I have to control my giggle so I can go in there and be stern with the "GO TO BED NOW" line. Good times.

Cindy said...

Oh, and "Tag Hewitt" is just too cute. Warms my heart!

BreezieGirl said...

Fresh water! LOVE.