Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The kitty and the toothbrush

The girls have been playing this game where one of them is a kitty. The kitty crawls around on her hands and knees while meowing and pulling on everyone's legs, . The kitty's owner usually directs the kitty with statements such as, "Come on, kitty, go this way" and frequently hugs the kitty while saying, "You are the best kitty in the whole wide world."

No, I don't think that they are doing this in an attempt to sway us into adopting a kitty as they are still a bit hesitant or down right frightened (Anna) around real cats.

So one night last week, I walked in the door and within five seconds, Allie was crying hysterically in the other room. From what we can gather, Emily attempted to brush Allie's teeth using a toothbrush intended for doll. Instead of bristles, this toothbrush has this hard plastic clump of fake bristles. Apparently Emily jammed that into Allie's mouth and just about choked her. Allie was the kitty in this particular situation.

Allie recovered within a few minutes and then we began our bedtime routine.

This happened to be a night that I ended up sleeping downstairs with Emily. {Insert sigh here.} The next morning, Allie came downstairs with Rich and immediately marched into the family room where Em and I were waking up on the couch cushion bed. Here's what Allie had to say:

"I need to talk to you about something, Emily. Remember last night when you put the toothbrush in my mouth. I didn't like that, Emily. That wasn't very nice."

Of course, Em responded with, "Yes, it was," and "Yes, you did," while smiling. And Allie kept saying, "No, Emily, I didn't like it."

I had to cover my mouth with my hand to suppress the giggles. I think I was in awe of the fact that Allie had planned out a little speech and I was trying not to laugh because she was so serious about it. I'm telling you that my three year olds don't forget anything. I intervened and told them that the toothbrush was for dolls only. Not little girls or kitties. That seemed to help.

The other night, the kitty was giving rides to her owners. Rich stepped in when he caught Emily sitting on Anna's back while Anna attempted crawl. "Anna has spina bifida. You shouldn't sit on her back like that." Emily's reply was, "Do I have spina bifida, Daddy?" When Rich told her no, she said that Anna could ride on her back and off they went with Anna walking over the kitty's back. Yeah, there was no way that the 25 pound kitty was going to be going anywhere fast with 25 pounds on her back.


Anonymous said...

Such an uplifting story for this morning. Thanks! Your girls rock!

Heather said...

My 3 year old is also all about playing kitty. He will be up in my lap and rub up against me and meow.

Also... minds like a steal trap those three year olds. Sometimes I will tell him something just to get him to leave it alone... but he always remembers I promised him a movie or outside time or whatever it may be. Even a day later. :O)