Sunday, June 6, 2010

I don't see how that can be comfortable.

Rich and I check on the girls at night when we hear that they have {sometimes finally} fallen asleep. As I walked into Allie's room the other night, this is what I found.

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Yes, I did get grab my camera before I moved her to her bed. But I checked on her first.

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The poor thing was waiting for someone to come back to her room to read to her and must have fallen asleep in the chair. Even though we had already read to her. She was stuck to the book.

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What's frustrating is that Allie, who had been the best at falling asleep independently, has become more and more difficult over the past few weeks. It's definitely an attention thing as she usually wants us to read to her for a VERY long time. And I love cuddling and spending time with her but having a bedtime routine that lasts for more than an hour is becoming, well, frustrating.

And Anna now is back to throwing her bedtime crying fits. It started last week and we thought it was from being overtired. I can't figure it out. Tonight's fit wasn't as bad and didn't require any intervention. Sometimes I really worry about her and that shunt. I mean, she was absolutely fine for at least a month. She would snuggle up in her bed and fall asleep without making a peep and now every single night, she is in hysterics. I don't understand.

Some of the neighbors had a party over the weekend with a lot of children. I told the girls that the kids were tired and were looking for beds to sleep in. Any empty beds were up for grabs. That kind of worked. So tonight I actually leaned out the front door and rang the doorbell. That was enough to get Allie out of the hall and into her bed. It took another doorbell ring for Anna to stop crying.


Jennifer said...

That is just too cute!! Could you post pics of the girls' rooms?? You have talked so much about them, that I was just curious :)

Keep up the great work...your girls are beautiful!!

Krystle said...

Do they all have a room to themselves? I'd love to see pictures of the whole set-up as well. Sorry you are having bedtime issues, we are having our own. Besides fighting sleep, the newest addition is night terrors. Joy!

Ami said...

You have the best "tricks" up your sleeve! I love it! I try to remember them all!

Chantal said...

That doorbell thing is so funny! My husband is cracking up at the thought of it :)

Sarah said...

I'm glad you all like the doorbell trick. lol

I promise to post room pictures as soon as I finish them. Soon!

Wendy said...

You are an evil genius. hahaha....