Monday, June 21, 2010

Hey, I thought that twins...

... (or a kitty and a toddler) were supposed to be easy!

Okay, I am completely side-tracking at the beginning of this post but I have to talk about some of the "kitty" stuff. First of all, Emily is usually Kitty and I would love to know where she learned how to rub against your legs like a cat would. Second of all, if you ask Kitty a question, she will not answer. She will meow. I thought it was hysterical when Rich asked Kitty a question this weekend and Anna responded with, "She only talks when she is Emily."

Alright, back to the post.

When Grammy was granted freedom this past Friday evening, she took Allie with her so that Allie could experience some one-on-one time with Grammy, Papa and other family members at the beach house for part of the weekend. That left me and Rich with, well, twins.

Rich picked me up at the train station Friday night with Emily and Anna in tow. Anna was zonked out in her carseat and it wasn't bedtime. Close but definitely not bedtime. Now, don't forget that she didn't go to bed until after 9:30 the night before. When we arrived home, Emily and Anna played upstairs allowing me time to put laundry away. "This is going to be so easy," I foolishly thought. I was imagining all of the projects I would finish on Saturday. (Oh, how I laugh now as I write this.)

I left for a run after we tucked Em and Anna in for the night and when I arrived home, they were both asleep. Thankfully. Although Rich had some issues getting to that point. They both slept in their own beds until 6:15 Saturday morning at which time they joined us in our bed and slept until 7:30ish.

I brought the two munchkins downstairs so that Rich could sleep in and then the plan was for me to take a nap after that. Any thoughts of completing any projects prior to my nap were immediately squashed. Both girls were being unusually fussy. I could barely eat my breakfast. They both ate a decent amount but Anna was acting really lethargic and I thought she was going to fall back asleep at any moment. They kept pleading for me to sit on the couch with them.

Rich came downstairs around 10:00 and said that he would take Anna & Em to the grocery store while I napped. I had to distract Em before I could sneak upstairs as I didn't want her flipping out on Rich when she discovered that I had disappeared. While she involved herself with writing the grocery list out (in crayon) I snuck back in the family room to tell Rich that I was going upstairs to bed. He was holding a half asleep Anna and said, "I don't think I can take her to the store like this."

"Sure you can. She'll perk up once you get her outside." You better believe I ran upstairs as fast as I could.

I fell asleep within minutes and was awakened by Rich some time later. I have no idea how long I had been asleep. He placed a sleeping toddler in the bed next to me and said, "I can't take her to the store. She threw up." I woke up a little bit when I heard that. "Can you get me a puddle pad to put under her? I don't want her puking in the bed."

"She's fine. That was like an hour ago. She's not going to throw up again." You better believe that Rich ran out of there as fast as he could.

Anna and I slept until Rich and Em woke us up at 1:00. I woke up a few times and checked on Anna in that half asleep way only an exhausted parent can maneuver. She slept like a rock. She ended up being fine after we got up. I was nervous that the vomiting and sleeping were related to her shunt but we missed that bullet again.

So not much was accomplished on Saturday outside of a nap, crockpot stuffed peppers and a trip to the mall, which will have to have its own blog post. Oh yeah, exciting times at the mall around here.

Here are some "sister pictures" of Em and Anna.

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Wendy said...

I hope Anna is feeling better! Cute pictures as usual; though it looks a little funky with only two girlies in it :)

TanyaMom23 said...

Oh they are just so cute! I know your girls don't watch much TV, but do they ever watch Caillou? I just hate that show, becuase he is always whining, but my son used to love it and he was always acting like the "kitty from Caillou"!

Siné said...

I love the pictures. It will be really lovely for them one day to look back and have shots that aren't all three of them together. BTW the outfits they are wearing are super cute colors on them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures, love the the way the sunlight is captured in the photos. Just beautiful! I love their dresses!


Cindy said...

Who told you twins were easier? I have 2 y/o twin girls and a 6 y/o girl. they get along great and do play together but I can't leave them alone for a second - so laundry is done at night after they are all in bed asleep (>9:30 pm at best) cooking is done by running in and out of the kitchen to check on the girls. Cleaning? What's that? Husband does that at night when we are all sleeping. It was all me this weekend and boy, the house is a disaster and laundry wasn't do people do it all, especially when they are doing it alone? I bow down to those parents because I have an incredible husband who does it all with me and it's still difficult to get even a few things crossed off the list.
Love the pictures, especially the boots.

Janine said...

I clicked on your blog from The Nest and just wanted to tell you that your girls are absolutely gorgeous.

Sarah said...

TanyaMom23 - yes the girls do watch Cailou (and I agree that he is sooo whiny.) I've asked Em if she is Gilbert - I haven't gotten a straight answer from her.

Cindy - I thought going from 3 to 2 would be easy. Yeah, right!

Thanks everyone for the comments on the photos. I was practicing shooting with backlighting from the setting sun.

Tracy said...

Ooohh, I really love these shots!!