Saturday, June 19, 2010

A bit of a pho-tog post (with pictures!)

So what's that over in my sidebar?


Oh yes, that adorable smile picture of Emily {GASP} won second place over at Trendy Treehouse!!!! Believe me when I say that I was completely and utterly shocked to see "The Great Umbrella Heist" right after the first place photo. And seeing as this will most likely be the only photo contest of this nature that I will ever come in second, I need to brag about it.

I've had a few comments recently asking how I learned photography. I am self-taught and no matter how you learn, you need to practice, practice, practice. My problem is time, time, time.

I will leave with you some pictures from my good idea gone wrong photo session with the girls from last week. I was attempting to come up with something for the I Heart Faces photo contest with the theme of Babies. Keep in mind that those little ballet shoes are for newborn infants.

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Cut off but still cute.

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Anna! Again.

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The girls are supposed to wait for me to take the picture and then they run over to me. Usually to view the picture on the camera. Anna likes to take off a bit too early.

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Lani said...

Those girls are by far the snazziest dressers I have ever seen:)

Dale said...

Congratulations ! I made the top ten too (#6) - what a shocker ! I think I will hang out there more often since it seems they appreciate ADORABLE kids. Keep up the great work.

OMG Triplets said...

Been looking for ballet shoes for my girls. Where did you get the smaller ballet shoes? Looking for size 4 :) Thanks!