Sunday, June 13, 2010

Allie's sick

I hate when the girls are sick. Absolutely hate it. It makes me sick with worry.

We think that she has a bit of a cold or her allergies are acting up and her runny nose is giving her a sore throat. She was fine this afternoon, just really tired. Now she keeps waking up crying. She seems warm. I took her temperature and she may have a low grade fever.

Off to assess and attempt to go to bed myself. Note that Allie is already in our bed. We've had grumpy sleepers the past three nights.


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Sarah said...

I've got a little girl with a fever who hung out in our bed last night too. I say "hung out", not "slept" because we don't get much sleep with our snuggle buddy. She prefers to sleep sideways with her feet on my neck. ;) I hope Allie is feeling better today!