Monday, May 3, 2010

Shoes and the color purple

Allie and I returned from our Tarjay excursion last week with these purchases.

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Those sandals were marked down to $7 so I picked up one pair in size 6 (for this summer) and another in size 7 (for next summer). That shade of nail polish is Allie's favorite color and a perfect match to my bruised toenail. I just need to find time {insert laughter here} for a pedicure.

Rich's response when I proudly displayed my bargain purchase on the sandals was, "Do the girls have a lot of shoes or do you just talk about shoes a lot?" Hmmmm. See, here's the issue: I find it easier if they have more than one pair of shoes. Well, they could get by with one pair (and I'm sure that there are many who have to) but if I can purchase shoes at bottom dollar and make life easy, then why not just do that?

I learned my lesson last summer. The girls only had their sneakers, which were really their "play shoes." Grammy had managed to find them sand/beach shoes as well but those don't really count. You don't know how many times they soaked their sneakers with water from the water table and then we would need to go somewhere so they would have to wear their sand/beach shoes because they didn't have anything else to wear. If I knew that water was a possibility during yard play, I would have them wear their sand/beach shoes instead of their sneakers. I didn't always have an advanced warning though.

Plus, their little feet would get so hot in socks and sneakers but by the time summer was in full swing and I looked for sandals, I couldn't find any. This year, I am prepared. I have been purchasing shoes in larger sizes for 18 months now. {I will have to post how I have organized those in the girls' closets if I ever finish that project.} Ideally, I would like for them to each have (right now) a pair of sneakers, a pair of dressy shoes and a pair of sandals/summer shoes. That's a total of nine pairs of shoes.

On Saturday, when Rich asked if the girls had any summer shoes that they could wear on the car ride over to Uncle Michael's, life was easy.

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So yes, we do have a lot of shoes and yes, I guess I do always talk about them.

A few notes: Anna's feet haven't been growing as quickly as Allie's and Em's so she has been able to wear the dressy shoes that they have grown out of. After that, we will pass them on to the girls' cousin, Baby Maggie. And, unfortunately, we are not a Crocs family. Anna needs something with a bit more support and I just don't feel that they are safe for her. Plus, the school does not allow them.

Now onto purple. I don't know how or why but Allie is obsessed with anything and everything purple. She goes through all the purple underwear first. She always has to have a purple bow or barrette in her hair. Any purple clothing items are considered hers and she needs to have the purple plate, bowl, cup and fork at mealtime. I didn't think that three year olds could be that into a color.


CJ Sime said...

Nothing wrong with having a few pairs of shoes! It is like what Cinderella says, "The right shoes can change your life!"

Meg said...

It's yellow for one of our girls. Yellow, yellow, yellow! :)

Stacy said...

I can so relate to this post. I buy shoes ahead, too! I also am always looking for that great deal. In fact my daughter has the those white sandals from Target. My twins love crocs so we have - gym shoes, crocs, dressier sandals. My daughter has a bit of a shoe fetish and she also has flip flops and sparkly shoes. What can I say - girls need shoes!

Esther and Brian said...

Hey, my twins have tons of shoes, too..right now they have play sandals, dressy sandals, and two other shoes as well. and I do buy them ahead as well. I am a total shoe snob, I admit it to the world- just do not hate me! I only have the boys in leather shoes from Europe. Period! I will save on clothes, etc, but not shoes. I think that kids need nice, supportive shoes. I am not a fan of crocs- I will not buy them for my children ever.

I think that we all have our "guily pleasures" and for me, it's Euro shoes for my half Euro twins!

I am looking forward seeing photos of how you organize those gorgeous girls' closet(s)!