Friday, May 7, 2010

Running Skirts/Skorts

I wanted to post this in case one of my readers was in the market for a running skirt. I had been looking but could not find any in stores and thought that the $60-$70 price tag of the ones I did find online to be a bit too high. Post-babies, I need to try on all my clothes so I was a bit leery of purchasing online as well.

I don't even remember why I wandered over to the Gap's Athleta but I did and I found running skirts. Because I frequently purchase clothes from the Gap, I felt a bit more comfortable with the sizing. This is a Gap store so I was able to use a rewards certificate and received free shipping by using my Gap Silver card. Woo hoo!

So here's the skirt/short I purchased in the color blue moon. I have been wearing size 2 pants from the Gap but decided to go with a size small skirt, which is supposed to fit sizes 4-6. It is a bit loose around the waist but I am able to cinch it with the drawstring. I don't like clothing to be tight on my stomach with all the damaged skin.

I wore it on my 5K training run Sunday night and loved it. The shorts part of the skirt are mesh-like, comfortable and stayed in place for the entire run. The skirt didn't shift or slide around at all. Bottom line: If you've been looking for one, check these out.

(I am about to publish this and feel like it is a stupid post. Oh, well.)


Angela said...

You've had triplets and you wear a size 2?

Seriously, I've enjoyed reading your blog for a little while now--your girls are adorable.

Kris said...

shopping post are always good!!

Laurie said...

I'm catching up on back posts and was going to post a comment in your recent post asking where you got your adorable running skirt. So thanks! :)