Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh, was today Mother's Day?

Because I don't think my kids got the memo.

I love being a mother. I really do. As far back as I can remember, I have always wanted to be a mother. I also envisioned Mother's Day to be a fun, happy day with my children

But having three three year olds can be quite a challenge. And today was one of those days. Yesterday was a good day and I knew that we wouldn't have two easy days back to back. Oh no, it doesn't work that way around here.

Friday night, Rich and I had the bed to ourselves until 5:00 AM Saturday morning when Allie joined us. We have been having some middle of the night sleeping issues with Em so it was a bit of a break for me to have her sleep in her own bed until 6:00 AM. The thunderstorm must have awakened her and she joined us in the big bed. After insisting on sleeping on top of me (yeah, real comfortable) she finally settled down and we all fell back asleep until 7:54.

The girls had their very first dentist appointment yesterday morning and that went better than expected. This dentist office believes in taking it slow with little kids so there was no screaming or crying. The girls' teeth looked good and even the dentist commented that they pretty much have identical teeth. (And I so wish that I had been one of those crazy parents who brings her camera to the dentist because the pictures of them sitting in those big chairs with little sunglasses on would have been priceless.)

In the afternoon, I took Allie shopping with me. We ran into a few stores and then went to the mall to finish up our trip. Allie was fantastic. I know people were looking at me thinking, "I laugh at your one baby," because we were having fun. We looked relaxed. Little do they know.

Today was a completely different story. Except for when Rich and I split up and headed in different directions. Em stayed at home with me and then we headed to Target for a quick trip. Rich took the A team to visit with Grandma. Em was fantastic on that shopping trip. At home, she had some issues.

It's getting late and I have a few things to take care of before heading off to bed. I plan to post this week about our latest "growing pains," so to speak, and the wonderful new things that the girls are up to as well.

Stayed tuned for that one as it is sure to be quite interesting.


Jamie said...

You are an AWESOME mama x3!!! Hope you had a great day!!!

jill said...

my daughter claire LOVES to sleep on top of me, too. always fact, she's been asking for me to sleep in her bed w/ her so that she can sleep ON me. those years are too precious and too short!

Esther and Brian said...

you do an amazing job with the girls...and you are not alone in the "kids did not get the memo" area! my boys have been really whiney and cranky for the past week. I think that it's a growth spurt thing but man oh man, I was ready to throw in the towel today!